Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SSES Food Drive 2013

written by Mitchell & Haley ~ Grade 3

At the start of December, our classroom started a food drive.  We each went around to classrooms to collect food for the food drive.  Each day we collected different items.  We had can day, pasta & sauce day, breakfast day, soup day and dessert day.  The families at SSES were very generous.  Our school collected 686 pounds of food!!!

Next, we boxed up all of the food and put it into a car.  The food went to Evergreen Basic Needs to provide food for families that needed a little extra food at Christmas.

We were very proud of our school!

A special thank to Mrs. Poloski's grade 3/4 class!  What a wonderful initiative ~ a true celebration of the spirit of giving!  

Thank you to our SSES families for giving so generously.....your generosity will share Christmas warmth and love with others throughout the holidays!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Kindergarten Friends ~ New Pet Frogs!!!!

 written by Mr. Welch's Kindergarten class
Our class has 2 frogs.  They are brown with black dots.  Their names are Freddie and Finellopi.  Frog starts with the letter f!  They have spikey feet that are webbed.  These help them swim.  We feed our frogs frog food.  It looks like our fish food that we give to Bernie.  We read "Froggy Goes to School" when Mr. Welch brought our frogs to school.


written by Mrs. Mill's Kindergarten class
Our frogs jump and swim.  Their names are Bongo and Joe.  The frogs came from the store.  Our frogs are greenish brown with a little bit of black.  They live in water in a little glass box.  Whenever the frogs see the black fish they look at each other.  We think they are friends!  If the frogs were making a wish for Christmas, they would wish for food, water, a seashell and a little frog house!

A very "cool" science experiment!

written by Erik (Grade 1) and David (Grade 2)
Patrick came to Room 114 and Room 130 on Friday.  He did a dry ice experiment.  You can't touch dry ice or your hand and fingers will freeze off!  Patrick used gloves!
When Patrick poured dry ice, warm water and soap into a container it made bubbles and steam.  When you clapped the bubbles, they would turn into steam.  It looked cool!  Thank you for showing us a Science experiment!

written by Danalee (Grade 4)
On Friday, Patrick brought in dry ice to our class.  We learned that if you put dish soap in it, it bubbles.  An orange and dry ice makes the orange freeze.  Dry ice and water make smoke.  We were following the scientific process.  It rocked!
written by Matthew (Grade 3)
Today we got dry ice.  Patrick brought it in.  We had to follow a "Scientific Process."  It was difficult.  We had to follow this ~ facts, question, hypothesis, materials, procedure, observations and conclusion.
We made smoke and bubbles!  It was fun!!!!