Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the Kindergarten classes visit the Planetarium and Science Center!

Room 109's favorite parts!

I like the glass.  ~  Olex
I liked the climbing the chair thing.  ~  Ethan
I like the planetarium.  ~  Brendan
I like the glass room.  ~  Kody
I like the hot air balloon something.  ~  Nathan
 I like the glass room.  ~  Emmett
I like the glass room.  ~  Kaydea
 I like the glass room.  ~  Addison
 I like that upside down princess.
Yes I like the planetarium.  ~  Stella
I like the planetarium .  ~  Tori
I liked the pulley chairs.  ~  Rosalyn
I like the planetarium.  ~  Milan
I like the glass room.   ~  Ryan

Room 111's favorite parts!
I loved the electric race cars and the mirrors.  ~  Joseph
Getting first place with the race cars was my favorite.  ~ Tyler
When I got first place with my race car.  ~ Layla
Feeling the pins on my hands.  ~  Tasanee
Going in the mirror house was my favorite.  ~  Norma-Jane
The river, the puller swing, the race cars and winning the car race was my favorite.  ~  Henrik
I liked when I raced the car and it was fun building it.  (and the puller swing!)  ~ Jasmine
I liked the puller swing the best.  ~  Leela
I loved the thing where you went against the green wall and you pressed the button and it showed your shadow.  ~  Zoe
The electric race cars were my favorite.  ~  Fyn
I liked the thing that was a big bowl above us....we looked at all of those constellations!  ~  Hailee
Everything!!!  ~  Tyson
Racing race cars was great!  ~  Johannes
Being with my friends!  ~  Riley Skye
I loved driving the race car, the green wall where your shadow sticks to the wall was fun, too!  ~  Kelsey
When I was in the mirror house, I kept bumping into the walls.  ~  Brenan
The race track!!!  ~  Slater

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A glimpse into our classrooms....

"Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder".... ~ E.B. White


Monday, March 7, 2016

Enjoying the beautiful weather!

We hope each of our SSES families are enjoying the beautiful weather!

With the rising temperatures, the outdoors provide us with many opportunities to explore and discover snow, ice and water!  

We are all observers....always look closely at the world around you!