Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day at SSES


Celebrating Earth Day at our assembly.
We have collected 4000 drink pouches.....

and 8432 Tassimo discs to be recycled!

Our Grade 3 and 4 recyclers shared the ABCs of caring for our Earth.  They also demonstrated proper recycling and how they sort through our recycling bins.  We can all do our part to take care of our Earth!

Using the sunlight to do our work! 
We were part of the 9th annual Lights Out Canada!  We turned out our lights between 2 and 3 pm in honor of Earth Hour. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Manitoba Schools Science Symposium

written by Zack

On the weekend, I went to the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium.  My project was called the "Hockey Puck Slide Test."  On the first day of the symposium, I made a model airplane and built a car with some of the grade 5s from the middle school.  I also set up my project.  The next day, they judged our projects.  I had 2 judges come to my project.  On the final day, they had an awards ceremony.  I got called up and I got a bronze medal!

Congratulations, Zack!  We are so proud of you!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day of Pink at SSES

Day of Pink ~ Say No to Bullying!
On Tuesday, April 8th, SSES held our Day of Pink!  This day is celebrated across the world to encourage kids and schools to take a stand against bullying.  It was created by a boy who was teased for wearing a pink shirt.  Each class shared their beliefs about kindness and respect.
Thank you to Ms. Milne for organizing a very important day for our school!

Mrs. Torcia's class
~We wait our turn when a friend is talking.~
~Be respectful!~
~Be nice to other people and they will be nice to you!~
~We listen to everyone.~
~We show kindness to friends.~
~Make friends happy!~
~We believe everyone is important.~
~Welcome new friends kindly!~
Mrs. Michaluk's class
~In our class, we believe in kindness and respect!~
~Kindness fills your heart with happiness!~
~We read a book called "One."  It teaches us that it takes just one person to stand up and say no to bullying.~
Ms. Shamanski's class
~We show others they are important by being nice and not leaving others out.~
~We have sharing buddies everyday to get to know everyone!~
Mrs. Arnason & Mrs. Boholji"s class
~Be kind.  If someone is sad, try to cheer them up or ask them to play with you.~
~Don't leave anybody behind and don't leave anyone out of games.~
Mrs. Johannesson's class
~Be kind to each other and show respect.~
~Be a kind friend.~
Mrs. Bergman's Kindergarten class
~Be kind to everybody, not just your friends.~
~Be kind to others.~
~Be nice.~
Mrs. Casper's class
~Respect everybody.~
~Stand up for others.~
Mrs. Magnusson's class
~When someone is being disrespectful, tell an adult.  Stand up for everyone.~
~Respect everybody, not just your friends.~
Mrs. Poloski's class
~In our classroom, we don't support a bully or bullying behavior.  It's cool to stand up for what is right.  We believe in kindness and kindness is free!~
~Being bullied is worse than breaking a bone.  Broken bones heal, but mean words and actions can leave an imprint on a person's heart forever.~
~We try to solve our problems and differences by being calm and respectful.  If you want to be respected you must respect yourself!~
Ms. Dziad's class
~In Room 115, we say no to bullying by creating a classroom family belief.  A classroom family stands up for yourself and others, helps each other out and is nice to everybody.~

Zumba for Kids!

A special thank you to Ms. Tanya Grimolfson and Ms. Desarae Bilinski for sharing their love of Zumba with us today.  Wow!  Your energy was contagious!