Thursday, March 27, 2014

SSES SEA Fair 2014

A special thank you to all of our SSES families who shared in our 2nd annual SEA Fair.  Thank you to our Board of Trustee members, Mr. Robert Arnason and Mrs. Gladys Kohler for sharing in our learning!  The students welcomed Mr. Paul Cuthbert, our Superintendent, Mrs. Roza Gray, our Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Nadine Trumbley, our Curriculum Consultant and Mrs. Joan Mayhew, our Student Support Consultant, to our SEA Fair!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your very busy schedules to share in our excitement! Each child proudly shared their discoveries, explorations and creations with each other, their families, special guests and students from Dr. George Johnson Middle School. 
To the students of SSES ~ we are so incredibly proud of each and every one of you!  You continue to inspire and amaze us!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Visiting Dr. George Johnson Middle School!

written by Mrs. Michaluk's Grade 1&2 class
The Grade 7s came to our class in February for I Love to Read month.  We read them stories and they read to us.  Today we went to the middle school.  It was exciting to go to the big school.  They have a room with hockey tables, computers and an xBox!!!
They made their own books to read to us.  The books were all different and unique.  They also read books from the library to us.  Mrs. LeBlanc, the Librarian, read us a funny version of the Three Little Pigs ~ two pigs, one bear and a coyote,  The story ended with them all playing Monopoly. 
We had fun!  Thank you very much for reading to us!!!!

written by Mrs. Johannesson's Grade 1&2 class

We went Dr. George Johnson Middle School this morning.  The grade seven students read us stories that they wrote.  It was awesome!  They also read us other stories.  I liked when I went to switch with a new girl and I introduced myself.  I liked it because I saw my brother.  I had fun with my partner.

Winter Fun Day!

Written by Hailey and Jackson ~ Grade 2
This morning, we had Winter Fun Day.  I loved the party room in the Music room.  We got to play freeze dance!  There was curling in the gym.  We also played a torch relay game outside.  We used a plunger for a torch!  Another relay game used pails.  We had to fill the pail with snow and give it to the next person to make a pile.
I liked playing Winter Fun games.  It was a foggy day!  We had so much fun today!



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stars, Planets and Constellations ~ Stardome Planetarium

written and illustrated by Amaris Grade 1, Ben Grade 2 and Cade Grade 3
Last week the Star Dome came to our school.  It is a big, black dome that is filled with air.  The stars, constellations and planets were in the "sky."  It is a mobile planetarium!
The Kindergarten and Grade 1&2 students saw a show about Daily and Seasonal Changes.  We got to hear a story.  I felt sleepy when the night sky came.  We got to see a sunset.  The sunset went across the sky.  We saw how day turns into night.
We got to hold a meteorite.  It was heavy!  It was 6.5 billion years old ~ can you believe it?  The scientist got it from Argentina. 
The grade 3 and 4 students went to the Star Dome to see the Solar System.  I learned that Mars had the largest canyon and biggest volcano in the solar system!  I was so excited when I went into the dome!  I felt like I was spinning!
Thank you to the SSES PAC for bringing this amazing opportunity to explore the stars, the sun and the planets to our school!  We are so lucky!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I Love to Read Celebration!

written by Hunter
Our school had an I Love to Read celebration on February 28th.  A scientist came to do experiments with us.  Mrs. Cuthbert and Mrs. Moar dressed up as scientists, too.
The scientist made Eggbert, the egg, go into his house (a bottle) because he ate a lot.  I was surprised when it went into the bottle.  She made bubbles from dry ice.  Her son needed it because he is a hockey player and he likes bubbles baths.
Everyone in the school enjoyed watching it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Guest Readers at SSES

Throughout the month of February, many guest readers read to the students of SSES.  We'd like to thank each of them for sharing their favorite book with us!  We also enjoyed learning about their jobs in our community and asking them questions!
Thank you again for being a special part of "I Love to Read" month at SSES!
Mr. Thor Stevens ~ Gimli Paramedic

Mrs. Nadine Trumbley ~ Literacy Consultant Evergreen School Division
Sergeant Rob Gray ~ Gimli RCMP Detachment
Mr. Derek Clarke ~ Gimli Fire Department

Constable Ireland ~ Gimli RCMP Detachment
Mrs. Roza Gray ~ Assistant Superintendent Evergreen School Division