Thursday, February 25, 2016

#PinkShirtDay at SSES 2016

SSES honored #PinkShirtDay on Wednesday, February 24th!  

At our assembly, Mrs. Cuthbert shared a book called "One Love" by Bob Marley.  We also watched an inspiring video about a Starbucks barista and his boss from Toronto that were featured on the Ellen show because of their story ~ a story about kindness, friendship and the human spirit!  We ended our assembly with our monthly dance party!  It makes us smile....and exercise!  

"In a world where you can be anything....BE KIND!"

Celebrating I Love to Read month with Guest Readers!

SSES welcomed Gimli High School principal Tyler Moran, Evergreen School Division Assistant Superintendent Scott Hill and Ms. Fergus's Grade 7 class from Dr. George Johnson Middle School this week to share their love of reading with us!  

We love to read at SSES!!!

Celebrating the 50th Day of School in Kindergarten!

50 Day in Kindergarten!
written by Brendan, Nathan, Brenan and Jasmine

Did you know that 50 Day means that we have been in school for 50 days???

We brought 50 things on 50 Day!  Some things were Smarties, Cheerios, LEGO mini figures and money!  We counted our 50 things and made shapes.  Some of us wore 50s clothes like sunglasses and poodle skirts.  We could wear really special clothes!  We read a book about 50 day!  There was bubble gum!  We could blow bubbles!  We had a photo booth.  Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mills took our pictures!  We did a lot of counting!!!  We even counted to 100.  That is a very big number!!!  In the afternoon, Robbie the Robin came to visit.  He read us the Pigeon book and brought us Robin's Eggs.  They were yummy!  Wow!  Did we ever have a great day!!!! 

 Blogging notes from our Kindergarten Bloggers!


Celebrating 100 Day at SSES!

Room 112 written by Julie

For 100 Day, my class made 100 Day masks.  We had a photo booth.  My teacher got us plastic cups ~ 100 of them!  Our challenge was to use of the cups to make a tower!

Room 114 written by Dylan

On 100 Day, our class had a photo booth and we made 100 shades of color.  We brought 100 things to school and after 100 was my birthday!!!

Room 131 written by Zak

We had a photo booth on one hundred day.  We had hats, sunglasses and scarves!  For art, we used pipettes to drop 100 drops of color on a canvas.  We did lots of Math and during Literacy Workshop, we wrote in our journals.  We did something called 100 things I love ~ you have to write 100 things that you love!

Room 113 written by Jeremiah

For 100 Day we had a photo booth.  We got to wear funny things!  And we had a class photo.  We had some little snacks.  We had a building challenge.  It was to make a bridge with 100 things.  At first, it fell down.  So we made it again and it worked!  Then we had writing, it made us smile.

Room 116 written by Keiran

We counted cups on 100 day ~ 100 of them!  We also counted snacks in groups of 10.  We made posters that said Happy 100 Day!  We got to eat the snacks at lunch!  Mrs. Gibson took a class picture of us!

Room 129 written by Viggo

We were doing 100 Day painting.  We started with red, pink, yellow and blue.  We mixed and mixed the colors to create 100 shades of colors.  It was fun!

Room 130 written by Jasmine

For 100 Day, my class did 100 Day work!  We had to write 100 facts about ourselves.  That was hard!  We used 100 things to make a picture.  We also had to write 100 words.  It was a fun day!

Room 115 written by Ella

What I did on 100 Day was draw what I would look like if I was 100 years old.  We did some math and writing and I had lots of snacks!  We did 100 Day work!  It was fun!

Room 132 written by Morgan

Every student in our class had 100 objects.  Some objects were gumballs, nail polish, dominoes and popcorn kernals.  Some of our class made lines on the floor and measure how long they were.  The person who had 100 dominoes line them up and pushed them down.  We got to choose whatever way we wanted to share our 100 things.  We did 100 things about me in our Documentation books, a 100 word story in our Writer's Notebooks and we also wrote down 100 words!  Our class had a wonderful 100 Day!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Guest Readers at SSES for I Love to Read month!

"Rita Book" and friend, from the Selkirk Library, visited Mrs. Gibson & Mr. Welch's Library classes to share two very funny books today!  Rita loves to read!!!

"Robbie Robin" flew in from Robin's Donuts to share "Pigeon Wants a Puppy" with our Kindergarten classes.  He also brought a sweet treat of Robin's Eggs!  A fun celebration on the 50th Day of Kindergarten!!!

Yes I Can!!!!

Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children recently held their celebration evening last Thursday.  SSES is so proud to announce that Brady (an SSES graduate!) received a Yes I Can Award for Outstanding Achievement in School & Community Activities!

Ms. Milne attended the celebration to share in Brady's award with his family and friends! 

We are so proud of you, Brady!!!! 

February Discoveries at SSES

A glimpse into our Edsby posts from the beginning of wonders, discoveries, ideas and explorations!  So many things to celebrate and learn!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mrs. Trumbley visits SSES

Mrs. Trumbley visited our school last Thursday to read to Mrs. Torcia, Ms. Shamanski and Mrs. Michaluk's classes.  We were treated to her animated and captivating reading of some new books (she tried to match the book to our most recent tweets ~ we loved that!) and some old favorites!  Thank you for sharing your love of reading with us!!!

We LOVE listening to storybooks!

Our STEAM Fair 2016

SSES held our STEAM Fair, celebrating Science, , Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math on Tuesday, February 2nd.  A special thank you to each of our SSES families and our community members for sharing this day with us!

a conversation with David, Korman, Henrik, Emmalee, Zak, Elin & Jencie

"I made something interesting that doesn't even blow lava!  We built a rocket ship.  There is a window inside of it.  There's also a door way and some pillows.  There's a blast thing on the rocket ship and there's a pretend screen.  So many things for our imagination to think about!

I saw a Jurassic World made out of blocks, dinosaurs, cardboard, leaves, gems and that's all.  My group and I made Loveland out of cardboard, gems, plastic animals and loose parts.  We wrote storybooks to go with it.  There was a tank with a real turtle!!!

I took a rover made out of a box.  It had wheels and a bag to control it.  One class made an erupting volcano!  There was a ramp for racing cars.  He had a GoPro on one of the cars attached with popsicle sticks.  It showed a video from the GoPro!

I took crystals to the STEAM Fair made from Borax, really hot water and 3 pipecleaners.  You also needed 20 drops of colors.  My group researched bones.  We made a cut out of a body and glued bones on it.  It was a great skeleton!

I got to try to code Dash the robot.  It was so cool to code him with the iPad and make him move, light up and make sounds.  I got to try Dash and make a Path for him to follow from the iPad.  

My whole class was there!  Some kids from the middle school came to our STEAM Fair.  There were alot of people there.  My Mom and Dad came and friends from the middle school.  My whole family was there!!!  Before lunch, we could go around and look at everything.  We saw some things that inspired us to do more research and wonder about things.  There kids curious about so many things!"

A special thank you for sitting down and having a conversation about STEAM Fair!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Fun!

The children at SSES are loving the beautiful weather!  Fort building, block carving, sledding, running and playing!  We love being outside!

Room 116 and Room 112 visit the Harbour!

Our Trip to the Harbour
written by Gunnar, Katelyn, Shane and Madison
Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Mager/Ms. Elsworth's classes

We went to the harbour to see all of the ice sculptures on Friday.  We saw ice sculpture skates.  There were two small ones and one big one.  There was a skating rink there.  It looked like a fun place to skate.  There was even an ice castle sculpture.  It had a Viking.  There was a lighthouse sculpture, too.  There was an ice hill that maybe you could slide on.

On the way back, we saw 23 ice shacks on the lake.  There was a snowmobiler and a truck on the ice.  There was rain on our walk back in the middle of winter!!!

We saw lots of important buildings in Gimli on our walk.  We took pictures with our iPads.  We wrote about our little field trip when we got back.  Maybe we will take our families to see the sculptures!