Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grade 1&2s visit the Water Bombers!

written by Mrs. Johannesson's class

Today we were very excited to go and see the water bombers and helicopter.  All 5 of the Grade 1&2 classes got to go!  We were able to go inside the water bomber.  The stairs were a little bit wiggly.  There were a lot of buttons in the cockpit.  We learned a lot about the controls on the water bomber.  When you looked down out of the window, everything looked small!  We got to see a helicopter pick up water and come towards us and drop the water!  We almost got splashed!  Our field trip was awesome!

written by Ms. Shamanski's class
Today, we went on the bus to see the water bombers at the airport.  The water bomber plane is red and yellow and it carries water.  The water bomber is very big. We all got to go inside the water bomber and sit in the cockpit just like the pilot.  There was a whole bunch of buttons in the cockpit.  Their job is to help fight forest fires. 
We also got to see a helicopter drop water near us.  There was a swamp where the helicopter filled up its bucket.  The bucket was hanging from the bottom of the helicopter on a long rope.  The helicopter sounded like “thump thump thump” and got louder and louder as it got closer to us. The pilot dropped the water and it looked like a huge wave.  The water fell all the way down to the grass and made a big splash! 
We had so much fun getting to see the water bomber plane and helicopter.
The fire helicopter doing a demonstration water drop!

Monday, May 26, 2014

A visit to Mission Trails Farm....

The grade 1&2 classes learned about life on a dairy farm on Friday!  We visited Mr. Porteous, Melissa, Avery & Logan at Mission Trails Farm.

written by Mrs. Torcia's class

Today we visited Mission Trails Farm.  Mission Trails Farm is around 100 years old!  We went to the room where the milk goes to cool down.  There is a big humongous stainless steel tank to hold the milk until the milk truck comes to pick it up.  There are machines that milk the cows.  We saw baby calves, one calf was just born last night.  It is so cute and really small.  The baby calf drinks from its mother.  There were two calves with leads on their necks because they were in training to be show cows! There is a big machine that feeds the cows grain. They eat grain, grass and hay.  Mr. Porteous milked the cow with the milking machine.  They put iodine on the cow’s udder to make it clean before they put the machine on.  We saw the milk after the cow was done being milked.  We guessed how much milk would be in the bucket after one cow was milked.  We guessed full, and it was!  The cows have tags on their ears to keep track of who their family is.  There were also dogs and cats on the dairy farm.  They have goats and some of them had horns.  Mr. Porteous and his family gave us all chocolate milk and Oreo cookies after our tour!

written by Mrs. Arnason and Mrs. Boholij's class

We went on a trip to Mission Trails Farm.  We saw a lot of cows and goats.  We learned that cows can be milked by hand or by machine.  We saw baby calves in the barn.  One was born last night.  After our tour, we had milk and cookies.  Yum!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Exploring The Children's Museum ~ Kindergarten Field Trip

The Kindergarten classes went to The Children's Museum this week for our field trip.  A few of our favorite things ~ the water table, the slide, the train, the play structure and the building blocks.  We made our own paper with little bits of paper and a water mixture.  We had a fun day!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mr. James Bezan visits our Grade 3 & 4s

written by Adam C.

This week Mr. Bezan came to our school.  He has been a Member of Parliament for 10 years.  He represents the Selkirk-Interlake Riding.  He has been re-elected  2 times.  He works in the House of Commons in Ottawa, Ontario.  He works for the federal government.  He also helps the government keep our food clean.  The government is awesome!

written by Matthew H. & Brady

On Tuesday, James Bezan came to our school to teach us about his job.  He used to be a farmer.  James Bezan is banned from Russia because he stood up for the Ukraine.  He is part of the federal government.  He lives in Teulon with his 3 daughters and wife.  He told us that you can ship grain anywhere.  Thank you for coming to our school!

written by Leah

James Bezan came to our school this week.  He talked about his job and where he used to work.  Now he works in the government.  He used to be a farmer.  He lives in Teulon.  He is in the federal government.  One of the questions was "What's your favourite part about your job?"  He said that helping people was his favourite part.  He also told us that he has 3 daughters.  Thanks, James Bezan!!!

written by Keenan

On May 20, James Bezan came to our school.  He is the federal government for our area.  I learned that he lives in Teulon.  He talked about his job.  The federal government gives money to the health community for disease.  James Bezan used to work for the municipal government and now he works for the federal government and he lives on a farm.  I asked him why gas is so much money in Canada and lower in the United States.  I also asked him why they still sell tobacco in stores because it causes cancer.  On May 21st, James Bezan was leaving to go to the Ukraine.  He is banned from Russia because Russia is trying to take over Ukraine.  Thank you, James Bezan for coming to our school!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The wonder of nature…..

The wonder of nature encourages discovery and exploration both inside the classroom and in the natural environment.  Throughout our school, we are exploring plant life cycles, seed growth, baby animals, the frog life cycle and planning for our raised garden beds and greenhouse planting.  In each classroom, you can find children planning, researching, asking questions, sketching, sharing stories and observing the wonders of the natural world.  

A visit from two baby chicks!

Fish eggs and tadpoles!

Learning About Government in Grade 3&4

written by Autumn ~ grade 3
Last week Mr. Bjornson came to our school to teach the Grade 3&4s about the government.  Mr. Bjornson helps make Gimli be the best it can be!

written by Tanner ~ grade 4
Last week Mr. Bjornson came to talk about what he does.  He said that he goes to two conferences.  He makes sure that things are good for the community.  Mr. Bjornson works for the Provincial government.  He said his old job was being a teacher.  He said that in the future, they are going to put an elevator into the Rec Centre.  The government helps people get their driver's licences and helps doctors, nurses, teachers, cops and even more.  He helped build the new apartment building by our school for families to live in.

written by Essa ~ grade 4
Last week, Mr. Bjornson came to our school to teach us about his job.  We learned that there are three levels of government ~ federal, provincial and municipal.  Mr. Bjornson actually used to be a teacher!  The government uses the taxes that we pay to build stuff like hospitals.  I am excited to learn more about the government.

written by Kyra and Kyrra ~ grade 4

Last week, Mr. Bjornson came to our school!  He talked about his job.  He told us that he has 2 houses ~ one here in Gimli and one in Winnipeg.  He also talked about the government.  He told us that there is federal, provincial and municipal government.  He used to be a teacher.  It's cool that he was a teacher!  It's really awesome how the government makes money and then uses it to build buildings like hospitals, apartment buildings and new schools.  It was really fun having Mr. Bjornson to our school!