Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grade 1&2s visit the Water Bombers!

written by Mrs. Johannesson's class

Today we were very excited to go and see the water bombers and helicopter.  All 5 of the Grade 1&2 classes got to go!  We were able to go inside the water bomber.  The stairs were a little bit wiggly.  There were a lot of buttons in the cockpit.  We learned a lot about the controls on the water bomber.  When you looked down out of the window, everything looked small!  We got to see a helicopter pick up water and come towards us and drop the water!  We almost got splashed!  Our field trip was awesome!

written by Ms. Shamanski's class
Today, we went on the bus to see the water bombers at the airport.  The water bomber plane is red and yellow and it carries water.  The water bomber is very big. We all got to go inside the water bomber and sit in the cockpit just like the pilot.  There was a whole bunch of buttons in the cockpit.  Their job is to help fight forest fires. 
We also got to see a helicopter drop water near us.  There was a swamp where the helicopter filled up its bucket.  The bucket was hanging from the bottom of the helicopter on a long rope.  The helicopter sounded like “thump thump thump” and got louder and louder as it got closer to us. The pilot dropped the water and it looked like a huge wave.  The water fell all the way down to the grass and made a big splash! 
We had so much fun getting to see the water bomber plane and helicopter.
The fire helicopter doing a demonstration water drop!

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