Friday, December 19, 2014

Cultural Celebration in Room 130

written by Hailey
Our class has been researching different countries.  We have been working on it for 3 weeks.  This week, we had a cultural celebration.  We shared our projects and then we had a feast.  We are so thankful for our parents who helped prepare the food for our celebration!  We had so many different kinds of food for our feast.  It made our bellies so full!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Creating Gingerbread Houses in Kindergarten!

written by Solomon, Rebecca, Dylan and Benna
We created gingerbread houses last week.  The big kids came to help us.  We used icing and M&Ms.  We used chocolates and marshmallows on the the roof.  Then we needed lights!  We used licorice.  We used candy men and some jujubes.  Our gingerbread houses were colorful like a rainbow.  We used crackers, not gingerbread.  The tricky part was decorating on the inside.  Another tricky part was when all the candy fell down.  The icing was hard to do.  The roof was hard to put on because you had to be careful not to squish it!  When we got home, we ate it!  Our families loved our gingerbread houses!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

SSES Annual Food Drive 2014

written by Troy and Hughe
Our class did the food drive.  We made days to give ideas of what to bring.  Each day, we went to classrooms and collected all of the food.  We put the food in boxes and then put it on the table.  We sorted it out on the tables.  At the end of the week we started to box all of the food.  People from Evergreen Basic needs came with a truck and picked up all of the food.  We had 37 boxes of food and one box of toys for kids that need toys at Christmas.  We collected 892.8 lbs of food, that's 206.8 lbs more than last year!  Wow!  We felt grateful to do the food drive.  We loved doing it!  The food will make people feel joyful and healthy!

Thank you to all of the people that donated.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Making Pumpkin Pie in Ms. Shamanski's class

written by Jake and Elin

We had pumpkins in our gardens, but these pumpkins came from the store.  We started by opening up the pumpkin.  We took out the goop, it felt gushy.  We counted all of the seeds in the pumpkin to see how many there were.  We had roasted seeds for our party.  There were 499 seeds!!!  We had to cut the pumpkin, piece by piece.  Then we cooked it to make it nice and smushy.  Once it was smushy, we took the hot stuff from the middle of the pumpkin out.  We mixed it with a blender.  We put some of the outside skin in the blender too.  We had to add white creamy stuff like milk into the pumpkin mix.  We needed ginger too!  Then we added cinnamon. Next, we poured it into tart shells to make mini pumpkin pies!  We made whipped cream too, you need whipped cream for the top of your pumpkin pie!

It tasted good!  It tasted fantastic as well!  It was fun and yummy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Nature Playground

written by Mackenzie and Adam
We were discovering and launching our nature playground!  There were many families from the school and also important community members.  Adam and I did a little talk about what we were doing.  All of the children at the event helped unveil the drawings by opening the curtain.  It was very exciting!  It was fun decorating for the occasion.  We used natural materials, plants, special lights and trees from our classrooms to help make it look like the outdoors.  We have been working really hard on this very big masterpiece!