Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Artist in the School

Our Artist in the School, Natasha, collaborated with us over two weeks to create a most beautiful mural of our community.  Each class worked on the intricate details of the houses, people, landscapes, landmarks and vegetation.  The students were exposed to different techniques all while using recyclable materials!

Our sharing assembly was a celebration of the design, process and creation of each unique piece that together created a community mural!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shared Explorations

written by Aidan, Nathan, Slade and Tyler

Our classes buddy up for reading, explorations and special activities!  Mrs. Mill's  Kindergarten class buddies with Mrs. Casper's grade 3&4 class.  Ms. Lewis's class buddies up with Mrs. Magnusson's class.  When we have shared explorations we build houses and castles!  We use LEGO, magnets and building blocks.  We also sketch and write!

Usually the big kids come to our Kindergarten classrooms.  Sometimes we read together, too!  We made gingerbread houses together.  There was a LOT of candy!!!  Our buddies helped us write our letters to Santa!  Mrs. Magnusson's class walked with Ms. Lewis's class to the post office to deliver them!  We saw frosted spider webs and trees!

The grade 3&4 classes love doing explorations with the Kindergarten kids.  They also love reading to them!  The Kindergarten kids think that the grade 3&4s are really helpful and they also have really great ideas!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Drink Pouch Brigade!

SSES has participated in the ‘Drink Pouch Brigade’ for the last 5 years. We have helped divert 3 million drink pouches from the landfills. We have significantly reduced the impact of this waste stream on our environment. If you have these drink pouches at home you can continue to divert this waste by returning your drink pouches locally for a refund of your deposit. 

For more details:

We will provide a Drink Pouch Zero Waste Box starting in March 2016.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Room 116 visits Betel

written by Arika and Julianna

This week, our class went to Betel.  We played puzzles with the people that live there.  There were horse puzzles.  The seniors helped us with the puzzles, they were tricky!  We had oatmeal and ginger snap cookies with banana and apple juice.  

They loved seeing us!  Seniors love seeing little kids and our smiling faces!

On the way back to school, we took pictures of our community with our iPads.  We were in groups.  We saw lots of great things in our community.  We took pictures of Chicken Chef, the hotel and the healthy food store.  We also took pictures of the rec center.  We wrote about our trip to Betel and made pictures in our documentation books.  It was a fun trip!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rocks for Kids

written by Grayson, Jake and Brenden
Room 108 Kindergarten Class

One day, we were wondering how many kids were in our school.  We went to every class to ask how many kids they had.  We had notebooks and clipboards to write down the number.  Mrs. Mills helped us add up all of the numbers.  There are 203 kids in our school! (256 with our Junior Kindergarten kids!)  Jake had the idea to make rocks.  He used his hat to collect little rocks.  It was heavy!  We helped him.  We made rocks to make the school a better place, and the world too!  

We painted the rocks.  We wrote notes to each person.  "Here's rocks for you.  From Room 108."  We put them in little bags and tied them with pipe cleaners.  We put enough special rock bags into a fancy bag and took one to each classroom.  Every kid in our school got a special rock bag, even us!  We saw some thank yous on Twitter!

Everyone felt happy because they got 10 special rocks.  We DID make the school a better place!!!

Painting the rocks

Writing the notes

Counting the rocks

Delivering the rocks!

Special deliveries!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Room 130 Election 2015

written by Jayde, Olivia and Jackson

Three weeks ago, we watched the Justin Trudeau swearing in ceremony and Aidan suggested that we have a class election.  We were inspired to elect a Prime Minister in our classroom.  Jackson and Olivia were nominated to run for Prime Minister.  They gave a speech on the morning of the election.  They talked about what they would do as Prime Minister.  They made election promises.  We had to make ballots for the election.

When we voted, each person went behind a voting box.  Jayde and Sophie called people to vote and marked them off of the list.  The kids marked their choice on the ballot and put it in the box.  Carter and J counted the votes.  Jackson has 11 votes and Olivia had 5.  Mrs. Magnusson continued to encourage us to be confident and work together!  We are going to hold an election every 4 months.  Olivia feels she will run again!

It is great to have the opportunity to have a second election.  We are all excited about the next election.  The election was interesting to do in our classroom because it had just happened in Canada.  It also taught us that even when you lose, we need to work together.  We think that it is easier to be the Prime Minister in Room 130 than it would be to be the Prime Minister of Canada.  Justin Trudeau has a hard job!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bag it Up Challenge October 2015

written by Alethea and Kerrigan
We collected plastic bags over the past month.  We counted the bags.  We put them into piles of 10 until all of the bags were gone.  Sometimes there were leftover bags to make a pile less than 10 like 8.  We counted by 10s to add up the total.  It was so much easier to count by 10s than individually.  Even counting by groups of 5 would take longer!  We put the piles around the perimeter of the gym.
Once we counted them, we put them into a big bag.  The bags will be sent to the factory to be made into something.  They are melted down, molded and colour is added.  Our school is getting a planter made from recycled bags and compressed wood.  Our buddy bench by the gardens was also made this way.  Bag it up is important because it helps to save the earth and environment just like when we did the Shoreline Clean-up.  Bags don't decompose for far too many years!!!  We need to recycle them instead!
Our school collected 1922 bags!!!  Last year, the province of Manitoba collected over one million bags!!!
Even though the Bag it Up challenge is over, you can still bring plastic bags to your local grocery stores.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Exploring Canada in grade 3&4

written by Rayna

We are each researching a province in Canada.  I'm learning about Nunavut.  I've learned that one of their animals is a polar bear.  It is usually winter there!  They also have beautiful Northern Lights.  I'm making an Adobe Voice to share what I've learned.  We use Safari to research our provinces on the iPad, we get books from the library & our classroom and we even find information about Canada in the back of our daily planners!

written by Jayden

We're learning about symbols of Canada and the provinces.  There used to be a fur trade with the Indigenous People.  I also learned about the great fire in NFLD and Labrador in 1892.  We were making lists about the symbols and what they meant.  They represent Canada!  We made flags for each province and territory.  Some were in our documentation books, some were out of cardboard and some kids made flags with plasticine.  Now I'm working on an Adobe Voice about the Northwest Territories.  I've already learned about three different provinces.  It's so interesting learning about Canada!  

written by Morgan

We've been learning about different provinces and territories.  We've talked about provincial attractions, the flower, flag and other things important to the provinces.  I researched Saskatchewan and I learned that the provincial flower is the Western Red Lily.  I researched information in a book from my classroom.  We put our research in our documentation books and writer's notebooks.  We had to choose a way to share our research.  Some kids made posters, Adobe voice videos, habitats and sketches.  It's important to learn about Canada because we need to know about the country we live in and explore the different cultures!

written by Ava V.

My class has been researching provinces in Canada and what they have in them.  We learned that BC has totem poles and mountains.  We're learning what makes each province and territory unique and how Alberta is famous for it's oil.  Each province has so many things that make them special.  We're going to teach Ms. Shamanski about the provinces.  We just got this new map app that makes a puzzle out of each province.  Some of the kids made a lighthouse out of loose parts.  We made the Canadian flag out of loose parts, too.  We made the shapes of the provinces to put together as Canada.  We're also thinking and designing pieces and places in the provinces.  It's important to learn about Canada because it's where we live...and that makes it important!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Exploring numbers....

Over the past few weeks, each of our classes have been exploring numbers in various ways....take a look into our Edsby posts about numeracy across the grades!

Representing numbers 

Sorting in groups of ten for the bag it up challenge

Domino addition

measuring pumpkins

measuring for our pizza sauce


using tens and ones (digi blocks and base ten blocks)

exploring place value

story problems

number patterns

millionaire math game