Friday, April 22, 2016

#BeTheChange at SSES

#BeTheChange from Lisa Michaluk on Vimeo.

Everyday should be Earth Day!!!  We need to #BeTheChange for our world!

When asked what is important about taking care of our Earth and each other, children said.....

~ take care of the Earth, we only have one!

~ Be kind, be nice

~ use your great imagination!

~ make the world clean and help the world be kind

~ share with people and take care of each other

~ help someone when they're hurt and always say you're sorry

~ clean up around your town

~ use your mind to invent useful things

~ invent a mini light that will light up the entire room that won't use that much electricity!

~ everyone needs to work together to clean up our Earth

~ spread kindness by taking care of each other!

~ the world feels better when your heart is happy!

~ make other people feel will make you feel happy!

~ keep our forests ~ don't cut down trees.  Plant more trees to keep the Earth healthy!

~ be kind, believe in your dreams!

~ think about your choices for the Earth

~ include all people

~ help poor countries become successful

~ invent something to destroy garbage

~ good thinking makes the world smarter!

~ the world is better when we work together and solve problems!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Grade 3&4's Northern Inquiry

Our Grade 3&4 classes have been exploring and discovering the North!  A special thank you to our Mayor, Randy Woroniuk, Ms. Penny Ross from Evergreen School Division and Mr. Colin Welch for sharing their experiences, artifacts and knowledge of the North!


SSES will be honouring #DayOfPink on Wednesday, April 13th!


Our Grade 3&4s visit the Manitoba Museum

Before spring break, our Grade 3&4 classes visited the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg!  A day filled with discoveries, learning about our history and celebrating the day with friends!

Thank you to our parent volunteers that joined us for our field trip!