Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mrs. Poloski's Grade 3 Science Exploration

I liked doing Science Centers because it was exciting!  The first day we put water in a cup and we put a white flower in it.  It turned red or blue because of the colored water. ~ Sydney

We did a match the seed with the plant game for centers.  It was fun because we had a good time.  We mixed them all up and then you found out who liked cantaloupe.  We played two games in one! ~ Mikayla

I loved doing the Science centers because you get to learn more about what you want to learn about. ~ Emily

I really can't wait to see how the plant with no air, with no water and the plant with no light turn out.  I wonder how much it will grow.  ~ Taylor

I liked the Science Centers because they were really fun and exploring is fun! ~ William

When I was weeding, there were lots of big weeds in the middle.  ~ Kenna

When I was weeding, all of the plants that I pulled out, even if they were tiny, had really long roots. ~ Lexy

I liked pulling out the weeds.  Sydney pulled out this giant weed right out of the dirt. ~ Ryan

When I was pulling out the weeds, my hands got dirty and I had to clean them in cold water.  It was freezing! ~ Malia

It was exciting and fun to pull out all of the weeds. ~ Erik

When I pulled out some of the weeds, the roots were pink. ~ Luke

Johannah, Erik and I pulled out this huge long was almost 5 feet long!  ~ Signy

We went outside to get some sand and rocks.  Everyday we checked to see how much they grew in different soils. ~ Samantha

I love to sketch nature.  ~ Shayne

We were sketching Jordin's strawberry plant flowers.  It was fun! ~ Ryan

When I was sketching, I drew a flower.  If it was curly, I made curvy lines. ~ Sydney

The carnations were really cool because they changed color overnight.  We put food coloring in the water and the carnation took on the color of the water.  The purpose of the stem is to suck up the water so that it can drink the water.  ~ Johannah and Harris

When we were looking under the microscopes at the seeds, they looked much bigger.  They looked different with the naked eye compared to the microscope. ~ Avery

We had to sketch two flowers and lots of leaves in our sketch books.  It is hard to sketch sometimes. ~ Avery

We used the microscopes to look at seeds. 

I wonder how weeds grow in soil. ~ Taylor

I wonder why some weed roots are pink. ~ William

It was really exciting when I was sketching because it was hard and fun at the same time.  After we colored our sketches, we labelled our drawings. ~ Johannah

We love Science in Grade 3!!!!!

Our New Greenhouse and Raised Gardens

This year, we are so fortunate at SSES to have our new greenhouse and raised garden beds.  Each of the classes have been learning, discovering and exploring planting!!!  It has been a wonderful experience!

written by SSES Garden Bloggers

The Kindergartens planted beans in the greenhouse and sunflowers in the raised garden beds.  The Grade 1 classes planted cucumbers, radishes, flowers and two mango trees.  We wonder if they will grow!  We planted lots of vegetables in the raised beds.  In Grade 2, we planted swiss chard, radishes and lettuce in the greenhouse.  Outside, we planted beans, peas, carrots, lettuce and watermelon plants.  Yummy!  In Grade 3, we planted radishes, tomatoes and bachelor buttons.  We even planted Easter Egg should see the "eggs" that grow on these plants!  In Grade 4, we planted squash, watermelon, carrots, peas, cucumbers, onions and beans.  The harvest should be delicious.

The grade 3 classes are planting our new crop gardens today or tomorrow.  We are going to plant wheat and oats.

I had fun planting.  You learn that if your plant doesn't grow the first time, you can plant another one and it will grow.  That's what happened to mine! ~ Erika

I found out that it was hard to plant a mango tree because you had to get your hand very deep in the soil. ~ Leif

I discovered that plants don't always grow!  I replanted mine and now it is really growing! ~ Dylan P.

My class weeded the crop beds to get ready for planting.  It took a long time and we got really dirty! ~ Jordin

I like planting and it is important, too.  I like to watch the plants grow for air for the environment.  No people. ~ Josh

I like planting because I like eating when it is done.  We are going to have a salad. ~ Kyra

Planting the vegetables is good for our environment because it gives people food.  It is also really healthy. ~ Destiny

Plants can grow big or small, but it doesn't matter at all.  They are all still delicious!!!! ~ Mya

Planting was really fun because you get to water them and watch them grow. ~ Mackenzie

We will all have fun eating the delicious food!  We are really lucky to have a greenhouse and the seeds to make it happen!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Literacy Centers in Kindergarten!

 Every morning, the Kindergarten classes start their day with Literacy Centers.

The students thoroughly enjoy these centers and look forward to them each day!

Literacy centers are when you do things in a book. ~ Carter

I like going to the SMART Board. ~ Aidan

I like playing with my friends. ~ Zion

I like reading with Miss Stouffer. ~ Jackson

I like playing on the SMART Board.

I like reading because I like all of the pictures in books. ~ Anika

I like to watch videos on the SMART Board. ~ Nolan

I really like playing blocks with my friends. ~ Miguel

I like to draw pictures to make a story. ~ Ryan

I liked making the letter blend capes today. A superhero brought us capes to make. ~ Ava

I like telling stories about my Pacman pictures. ~ Ben

I like drawing pictures with markers and crayons.  I like to draw pictures of my family, a present and a birthday cake. ~ Owen

I like going on the SMART Board.  I like playing the racing game on Starfall. ~ Blaze

I like making books. ~ Oscar

I really like reading with Miss Stouffer. ~ Isabelle

I like using the pen on the SMART Board. ~ Chayse

I liked reading The Storm with Miss Stouffer. ~ Keira

I like drawing pictures of the world. ~ Rocky

The racing is fun on the SMART Board. ~ David

I like going on Starfall and drawing. ~ Kerrigan

I like drawing pictures with markers of my pony Pal. ~ Bryce

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mrs. Magnusson's Magnet Projects

In May, Mrs. Magnusson's grade 3s have been learning about magnets.  All of the students worked on creating Magnet projects.  Everyone enjoyed making the projects!

The magnet projects were really fun to make and all of the kids enjoyed them. ~ Jasmine

I was in all of the pictures because I was helping hold up the posters. ~ Thor

They were awesome! ~ Hannah P.

Magnets are cool! ~ Alexis

If you want to learn about magnet projects, just ask Mrs. Magnusson and she will help you. ~ Tommy

You can find magnets all over your house. ~ Indiana

Some magnets don't really work on paint because the magnets get caught on the paint. ~ Michael

If you put north and north together it will repel.  ~ Morgan

A long time ago, people used magnets as compasses. ~ Karsen

It was fun drawing and painting our posters. ~ Hannah C.

Magnets attract to iron. ~ Angelica

Magnets attract iron filings and it is really cool to watch.  It makes cool shapes.

Magnets push and pull and they are made out of magnetite. ~ Mya

When we did the posters, we used magnets to move the characters.  We put paper clips on the characters and then used magnets to move them. ~ Zach

If you rub a balloon against a wall, when you put it near your hair it will stand up! ~ Dylan

If you put a magnet north to south, it will attract. ~ Corbin

We discovered that if you sprinkle iron filings around a magnet it makes a circle. ~ Lochlan

You can find magnets all over the place! ~ Ella

We also made go fish games with magnets.  We made magnet fishing rods.  ~ Eric

We learned so much about magnets!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friendship Mural in Grade 1

Yesterday we put our hands in paint and put them on the mural.  It was fun! ~ Logan

The handprints were for our friendship. ~ Jacob

Somebody made purple handprints. ~ Klara

The paint felt like goo on my hands. ~ Brady

I liked it because we got to put our handprints on the wall. ~ Emma

I liked putting handprints on the wall because it was colorful. ~ Geir

My hands were green and blue.  When I got the paint on my hands it was ticklish. ~ Koen

I liked all of the handprints. ~ Tucker

We put pictures on the handprints. ~ Ryan

I liked the part when we were done painting.  The soap turned all different colours.  ~ Logan

It looked cool when the paint dried. ~ Matthew

The paint felt gooey on my hands. ~ Autumn

It felt weird with the paint on my hands. ~ Lucas

When they put the paint on my hand it tickled. ~ Kaylen

We like being friends in Grade 1!

Grade 4 Field Trip to the Children's Museum

We had lots of fun in the Lasagna Lookout Tower. ~ Brock

I think it was a great choice to go to the Children's Museum for the Grade 4 field trip. ~ Lief

It was fun going on the train because you got to pretend to drive the train. ~ Emma

The water splash lab was really fun. ~ Sigrid

I thought the swirly slide was really fun because it was so colorful when you go down it. ~ Emily

I found the CAT backhoe really fun. ~ Jaxon

I think the swirly thing was cool. ~ Seth

I thought the tower building was fun. ~ Dalton

I really liked the Splash Lab and the water mushroom. ~ Jason

I thought the sponge blower at the Milk Drop was really cool. ~ Connor

I liked the Pin Board and the SMART Table that you could paint on. ~ Summer

My favourite was the Lasagna Lookout. ~ Riley

I thought the tornado was really cool. ~ Owen

My favourite was the tunnel under the train. ~ Dylan P.

I liked the backhoe. ~ Clayton

I really liked the crane. ~ Logan

In the illusion tunnel I really liked the disco box. ~ Ariel

I liked how all of the activities related to Science. ~ Johl

In the illusion tunnel I liked where all of the mirrors were.  They were reflective. ~ Parker

I really had fun at the Children's Museum. ~ Destiny

The Museum was really fun and I would definately go again! ~ Madison

My favourite was the Lasagna Lookout because I got to play in food! ~ Maggie

I liked the pin board where you can make things with your hands and faces. ~ Brooklyn

I really liked the Lasagna Lookout because there were different rooms.  There were seeds from peppers on the roof. ~ Erika

I liked that you could look out from the train. ~ Dylan P.

I liked how you could push a button in the train and see where everything was. ~ Jaxon

I liked the Lasagna Lookout because you could talk to people through the tube. ~ Caitlyn

We went up to the top of the train to find our group! ~ Thor

I liked the tornado in the Splash Lab. ~ Brady

The students were very engaged throughout every activity in the Museum.  Everyone went home with a smile on their face! ~ Mrs. Gibson

I feel that everyone had a lot of fun at the museum.  It was a great day! ~ Ms. Olson

I really enjoyed seeing each of the kids have so much fun.  It really was a fantastic day! ~ Mrs. Casper