Thursday, May 17, 2012

Releasing our Butterflies ~ Grade 2

A few weeks ago the "butterfly lady" arrived with our Painted Lady caterpillars.  We watched in amazement as they went through the stages of metamorphosis.  It was very exciting to see the caterpillars eat and grow.  They moved to the top of the container and went into a J shape.  When all of the caterpillars were in the chrysallis stage, we moved them into our wooden butterfly gardens.  The students were thrilled when each of the butterflies emerged from their chrysallis and began flying around the butterfly garden.  Yesterday it was time to release our was the perfect weather to celebrate these beautiful little creatures.

Our classes wrote about releasing the butterflies........
The butterflies gave me memories.
They changed a lot from when they were caterpillars!
They grow so quickly.  It was just like yesterday that they were caterpillars.
The butterflies are now free.
I will miss those butterflies, but they will be happy.
The butterfly tickled my hand.
We all got to send a wish with the butterflies and it may come true!
It was sad, but they're in nature where they belong.
I love butterflies!
The first butterfly......

Everyone got to hold one of the butterflies.

Whispering our wishes to the butterflies.

The Painted Lady Butterfly


  1. I the pictures! It helps me to see and share what you do at school ! The butterflies are beautiful and I hope all your wishes come true :)

  2. Mrs. Poloski's Grade 3 ClassMay 23, 2012 at 12:23 PM

    Beautiful pictures...we felt like we were there!! Your butterflies were so pretty and delicate looking! We hope all your "Butterfly Whispers" come true!!

  3. Hi its Maggie I remember when I was in grade two and I released my Butterfly!!! Look like fun I wish I was there to see!!! Thank you for sharing that blog!!!!!!



  5. Breyden's MomJune 13, 2012 at 8:41 AM

    Very Cool! I know that Breyden had so much fun learning about metamorphisis and setting the butterflies go.