Thursday, December 20, 2012

SSES Food Drive 2012

Grade 4 Food Drive 2012 from Lisa Michaluk on Vimeo.

written by Johannah and Erik
SSES Bloggers

On December 10th - 14th we had a food drive to donate food to Evergreen Basic Needs.  We collected 27 boxes of food.  11 more than last year.  We wanted to give to others at Christmas.  We made posters for classrooms and had a daily theme.  On Monday, we collected cans for Can Day.  We had tons of cans!  On Tuesday, we had Pasta and Sauce Day.  Then on Wednesday, we had Soup Day.  On Thursday, we had Breakfast Day.  And last, but not least, Treat and Dessert Day was on Friday!  After all that food, we had 676.4 pounds of food.  We beat our school record of 16 boxes of food and got 27 boxes this year!  We boxed up the food and loaded it into the truck.  We sent it off to make people happy!  Let's try to beat 27 boxes next year!
Thanks everyone for helping!

Grade 6s and Grade 2s celebrate the holidays!

Mrs. Einarson's Grade 6 class from Dr. George Johnson Middle School came to visit the Grade 2s today!  We had a fantastic time with the Grade 6s.  We did exploration centres and shared many smiles and giggles!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gingerbread Houses - Mrs. Mill's Kindergarten class

Mrs. Mill's class was busy building gingerbread houses last week!  Mrs. Casper's grade 3 class joined them to lend a hand!  Everyone enjoyed building the little houses and adding all of the yummy candy. 

I liked when my gingerbread house dripped and exploded icing! ~ Jillian

I liked it when we put candies in it. ~ Sophie

I liked when the candy was on it. ~ Eva

I liked putting on the candy, too! ~ Abby 

I liked that there were swirly candies. ~ Olivia

I liked when my gingerbread house broke and I ate it! ~ Riley

I liked when I had the marshmallows and the graham crackers. ~ Maria


I like it because it was sticky! ~ Brody

I am taking it to my Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas Eve. ~ Mitchell

Thank you to all of the Grade 3 students! ~ Zak

I love when I put many candies on my gingerbread house. ~ Miguel

I liked building my gingerbread house with Brody and Zac. ~ Eastyn

I liked it because my sister was building it with me. ~ Jori

I liked building my gingerbread house with my brother. ~ Rylan

I liked getting to build it with the crackers and I liked putting on the candy. ~ Alethea

I liked it when I built my gingerbread house.  When I got home, I ate it with my family. ~ Amaris

I was eating the candies and then my house almost exploded.  There were too many candies on it! ~ Ava

I had one green fish off of my gingerbread house. ~ Parker

I liked building the gingerbread houses! ~ Katarina

We had so much fun with the Grade 3's making our gingerbread houses!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Franklin's Adventure to Churchill ~ Ms. Lewis' Kindergarten Class

Franklin went on a great adventure with Kyle's grandparents, Nana Sheila and Schrumpa.  He went on a long road trip with them to Thompson, Manitoba.  He then took a train to Churchill, Manitoba where he spent two months exploring!!!  Through emails, postcards and pictures, Franklin showed us the interesting things that he saw such as caribou, arctic foxes, swans, arctic hare, polar bears and seals.  We learned about the weather and the community of Churchill.  Nana Sheila and Schrumpa also visited the Kindergarten class in Churchill and now we are pen pals with Mrs. Berg's Kindergarten class.  It was so much fun receiving postcards and presents sent from Nana Sheila, Schrumpa and Franklin!!!  We had a welcome home party for them when they came home at the end of November.  We made them cookies and milk and gave them presents.  Mrs. Berg's Kindergarten class sent their stuffed bear, Garde home with Nana Sheila to learn about our community.  We can't wait to share with them!!!

The Grade 3s visit Cornerstone

written by Kiorra, Ryder, Daemyn and Nayeli

The Grade 3s are part of the environment club.  Every week we go to different classrooms and pick up their recycling.  We empty out the juice boxes and cups and bag up all of the recycling.  We went to see where all of the recycling goes.  It goes to Cornerstone.

There was a glass crusher.  They had to wear a leather jacket, gloves and goggles to protect them from the glass.  When we went into a room, we saw them fold paper and put it into a giant box.  The forklift moves the giant boxes.  There was a cardboard crusher, too.  They also had a meeting room and it even had a Wii!  Garisen's Mom works at Cornerstone.  We got to see her on our visit.  We saw recycled bales.  They are made of recycled materials.  Recycled materials are used to make other things like shirts, fishing buoys and new bottles.

Recycling is really important.  We don't want our country to turn into a wasteland.  We need to take care of our Earth.  It was a fun trip!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

SSES Bloggers Present at Evergreen School Division Board Meeting

written by Hannah, Luke, Avery and Taylor
SSES Bloggers

On Wednesday, December 5th we went to the Evergreen School Division Board Office.  We made a presentation about the SSES Bloggers during the Board of Trustees meeting.  We all had a topic to talk about.  We talked about what we do as bloggers, being a responsible blogger, our favourite blog posts, our Kid blogs and one of our favourite projects, our Gratitude video.  
We asked the trustees a few questions.  Avery asked, "Do you like to work at board meetings?"  Everyone answered yes!  Hannah asked, "Do you like to see kids present?"  They answered, "Yes, it is the best part of our job!"  Taylor asked the board, "How many schools do you work with?"  The board answered 8 schools in 4 different communities ~ Gimli, Winnipeg Beach, Arborg and Riverton.  Luke asked, "What do you do at board meetings?"  They are a governing body and they work on budget and policy decisions. They make decisions about each of our schools and decisions that help kids.  Their meetings are very important!

The Board asked us a few questions.  They wanted to know if we do lots of presentations and also what we have learned from blogging.  They even asked our parents a question, too! 

A few thoughts from our bloggers.....

Hannah ~ It was very exciting!  We were a little bit nervous, but then we relaxed once we got started!

Avery ~ I was really excited to go to the meeting.  The board members were very kind.

Luke ~ It was fun to present to the Board!  We felt very proud of our school!

Taylor ~ I think they work really hard for our school!

Thank you to Mr. Cuthbert and the Board of Trustees for inviting us to share our blogging experience!  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing....Pepe Le Pew in Grade 4!

Our New Class Pet
Written by Angelica, Hannah, Indiana and Jasmine
SSES Bloggers

Tommy had the idea of getting a class pet.  So we decided to get a class pet.  We got into groups and researched different kinds of pets.  We presented our slide shows about the pets.  We had a little class vote.  We went behind a box and wrote our 3 top choices.  Mrs. Magnusson announced our final vote ~ a guinea pig would be the perfect pet for our class!
We skyped Mr. Mill's Grade 5 class at Dr. George Johnson School to get more information.  We skyped his class because they have a guinea pig.  After all of that we figured out our budget.  Then we thought of fundraising ideas.  We did a cookie and lemonade sale during student conferences.  We even baked some of the cookies!  We raised $170!!!  Mrs. Magnusson bought everything that our guinea pig would need - a cage, food and toys.  We were ready for our new pet to arrive...... 
On Monday, we got our new guinea pig!  We all voted for a name.  It turned out to be Pepe le Pew!!!  Everyone loved it!  Mrs. Magnusson showed us how to set up the cage.  We used Alpine wood shavings for the floor.  Everyone loves Pepe le Pew!  She bit a few people already.  Not me, though!  It is a blast having Pepe AKA Pepe le Pew.  Let's hope she comes out of her little igloo if you come to visit!

Class Presentations

We skyped with the Grade 5s in Mr. Mills' class at Dr. George Johnson Middle School

Brainstorming Ideas

Creating a Budget

Cookie and Lemonade Sale

The new cage is patiently waiting for our new pet....

Pepe Le Pew is here!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mrs. Poloski's Grade 4 Habitats

Our Habitat Projects ~ written by Taylor ~ SSES Blogger

Our classroom did habitat projects.  We chose our top 3 habitats that we wanted to do.  Mrs. Poloski chose one of our top 3 habitats for us to do.  After Mrs. Poloski chose our habitats, we chose our animal in our habitat.  We learned about food chains and we learned about adaptations.  There are two adaptations - behaviour and physical adaptations.  I loved researching about my animal!

Creating our Habitats ~ written by Harris ~ SSES Blogger

We got our shoe boxes and brought in materials to make our habitats.  After we got the materials, we started to make our projects.  We had to have our animal in the habitat.  After that we were finished.  The grade ones and twos came in and did a gallery walk and looked at our projects.  At parent teacher, we put our projects in the hall for our parents to look at.  All of our parents enjoyed them and admired them! 

We learned about many different kinds of habitats!

Presenting our projects to our classmates.....

Sharing our projects with the Grade 1s and 2s.  They loved our Habitat Projects!