Thursday, December 20, 2012

SSES Food Drive 2012

Grade 4 Food Drive 2012 from Lisa Michaluk on Vimeo.

written by Johannah and Erik
SSES Bloggers

On December 10th - 14th we had a food drive to donate food to Evergreen Basic Needs.  We collected 27 boxes of food.  11 more than last year.  We wanted to give to others at Christmas.  We made posters for classrooms and had a daily theme.  On Monday, we collected cans for Can Day.  We had tons of cans!  On Tuesday, we had Pasta and Sauce Day.  Then on Wednesday, we had Soup Day.  On Thursday, we had Breakfast Day.  And last, but not least, Treat and Dessert Day was on Friday!  After all that food, we had 676.4 pounds of food.  We beat our school record of 16 boxes of food and got 27 boxes this year!  We boxed up the food and loaded it into the truck.  We sent it off to make people happy!  Let's try to beat 27 boxes next year!
Thanks everyone for helping!


  1. Good job! Happy Holidays to Everyone!

  2. This video brings tears to my eyes for two reasons. I am so happy for the families that will be receiving these wonderful gifts of healthy food, but I am also so incredibly proud of our students for organizing this food drive. The best gift of all is giving to others, especially those less fortunate than us, and often we don't learn these lessons until we are older. Mrs. Poloski and the Grade 4 students are such incredible role models in helping our school experience what the holiday season should really be about...helping and giving to others. There is no greater feeling! Thanks so much to all the staff and families of SSES for your generous donations and for your efforts with this initiative. Thank you again Mrs. Michaluk for creating this outstanding video so that we can celebrate together! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday with their families and loved ones. Happy New Year!