Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gingerbread Houses - Mrs. Mill's Kindergarten class

Mrs. Mill's class was busy building gingerbread houses last week!  Mrs. Casper's grade 3 class joined them to lend a hand!  Everyone enjoyed building the little houses and adding all of the yummy candy. 

I liked when my gingerbread house dripped and exploded icing! ~ Jillian

I liked it when we put candies in it. ~ Sophie

I liked when the candy was on it. ~ Eva

I liked putting on the candy, too! ~ Abby 

I liked that there were swirly candies. ~ Olivia

I liked when my gingerbread house broke and I ate it! ~ Riley

I liked when I had the marshmallows and the graham crackers. ~ Maria


I like it because it was sticky! ~ Brody

I am taking it to my Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas Eve. ~ Mitchell

Thank you to all of the Grade 3 students! ~ Zak

I love when I put many candies on my gingerbread house. ~ Miguel

I liked building my gingerbread house with Brody and Zac. ~ Eastyn

I liked it because my sister was building it with me. ~ Jori

I liked building my gingerbread house with my brother. ~ Rylan

I liked getting to build it with the crackers and I liked putting on the candy. ~ Alethea

I liked it when I built my gingerbread house.  When I got home, I ate it with my family. ~ Amaris

I was eating the candies and then my house almost exploded.  There were too many candies on it! ~ Ava

I had one green fish off of my gingerbread house. ~ Parker

I liked building the gingerbread houses! ~ Katarina

We had so much fun with the Grade 3's making our gingerbread houses!

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  1. These Gingerbread houses look very intricate and very yummy! It must have been so much fun to build them and spend time together , even when you are in different grades! The neat thing is that we can learn from people that are older than us but also from people that are younger than us! I wonder what other things we could design or construct together, now that the holiday season is over? Hmmm....maybe with material that is cold, and sometimes wet, and sometimes fluffy???