Sunday, December 9, 2012

SSES Bloggers Present at Evergreen School Division Board Meeting

written by Hannah, Luke, Avery and Taylor
SSES Bloggers

On Wednesday, December 5th we went to the Evergreen School Division Board Office.  We made a presentation about the SSES Bloggers during the Board of Trustees meeting.  We all had a topic to talk about.  We talked about what we do as bloggers, being a responsible blogger, our favourite blog posts, our Kid blogs and one of our favourite projects, our Gratitude video.  
We asked the trustees a few questions.  Avery asked, "Do you like to work at board meetings?"  Everyone answered yes!  Hannah asked, "Do you like to see kids present?"  They answered, "Yes, it is the best part of our job!"  Taylor asked the board, "How many schools do you work with?"  The board answered 8 schools in 4 different communities ~ Gimli, Winnipeg Beach, Arborg and Riverton.  Luke asked, "What do you do at board meetings?"  They are a governing body and they work on budget and policy decisions. They make decisions about each of our schools and decisions that help kids.  Their meetings are very important!

The Board asked us a few questions.  They wanted to know if we do lots of presentations and also what we have learned from blogging.  They even asked our parents a question, too! 

A few thoughts from our bloggers.....

Hannah ~ It was very exciting!  We were a little bit nervous, but then we relaxed once we got started!

Avery ~ I was really excited to go to the meeting.  The board members were very kind.

Luke ~ It was fun to present to the Board!  We felt very proud of our school!

Taylor ~ I think they work really hard for our school!

Thank you to Mr. Cuthbert and the Board of Trustees for inviting us to share our blogging experience!  


  1. Great job on the presentation! Looking forward to reading more blogs. Keep up the good work!!
    Mrs G Kohler

    1. Thank you Mrs. Michaluk and our SSES Blogger presenters for doing an outstanding job of showcasing the innovative and engaging learning experiences that are happening at our school. As Principal of SSES, I was so incredibly proud of all of you and how well you represented our school. It is not an easy task to present in front of such an audience but I know that our Evergreen board members and senior administration are deeply interested in hearing how decisions at their level are having such a positive impact on the learning that occurs at our schools. Thank you Mrs. Michaluk for your dedication and vision with the Life at SSES blog, as it is a catalyst for helping us to achieve some of the goals we have established at our school, such as student engagement, increasing student voice, and peer mentorships. Congratulations!!