Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing....Pepe Le Pew in Grade 4!

Our New Class Pet
Written by Angelica, Hannah, Indiana and Jasmine
SSES Bloggers

Tommy had the idea of getting a class pet.  So we decided to get a class pet.  We got into groups and researched different kinds of pets.  We presented our slide shows about the pets.  We had a little class vote.  We went behind a box and wrote our 3 top choices.  Mrs. Magnusson announced our final vote ~ a guinea pig would be the perfect pet for our class!
We skyped Mr. Mill's Grade 5 class at Dr. George Johnson School to get more information.  We skyped his class because they have a guinea pig.  After all of that we figured out our budget.  Then we thought of fundraising ideas.  We did a cookie and lemonade sale during student conferences.  We even baked some of the cookies!  We raised $170!!!  Mrs. Magnusson bought everything that our guinea pig would need - a cage, food and toys.  We were ready for our new pet to arrive...... 
On Monday, we got our new guinea pig!  We all voted for a name.  It turned out to be Pepe le Pew!!!  Everyone loved it!  Mrs. Magnusson showed us how to set up the cage.  We used Alpine wood shavings for the floor.  Everyone loves Pepe le Pew!  She bit a few people already.  Not me, though!  It is a blast having Pepe AKA Pepe le Pew.  Let's hope she comes out of her little igloo if you come to visit!

Class Presentations

We skyped with the Grade 5s in Mr. Mills' class at Dr. George Johnson Middle School

Brainstorming Ideas

Creating a Budget

Cookie and Lemonade Sale

The new cage is patiently waiting for our new pet....

Pepe Le Pew is here!


  1. Congratulations on your new pet! He is absolutely adorable and is very lucky to have such a kind and caring group of students taking good care of him. (Mrs. Magnusson & Mrs. Affleck too). I noticed that all of you are very considerate of Pepe and were working so quietly when I came in to the room to meet him so that he could get use to his new environment. I was extremely impressed with your decision making process on how to determine which pet would be suitable, AND with your budget and cookie fundraising efforts. Skyping with the Grade 5's at GJS was such a cool idea. Pepe is a very lucky creature and I look forward to seeing his portfolio and report card!!! Love from Mrs. Cuthbert

  2. Oops! I forgot that Pepe is a girl and I wrote he in my last post-sorry Pepe!!!