Thursday, May 23, 2013

Artist in the School ~ Creating our Mosaic

Last week, our school welcomed Dimitry to share his artistic talents with us.  Throughout the week, students learned about every aspect of mosaic art.  They sketched, planned, placed and cut tiles, and taped sections together.  Each section was carefully glued and grouted onto the wall at the entrance of our school.  This beautiful masterpiece is a symbol of the creativity and collaboration of each and every child in our school ~ a true celebration!

Creating our Mosaic 2013 from Lisa Michaluk on Vimeo.

Voiceover credits ~ Nathan, Rhianne, Ava M., Taylor K., Luke H., Hunter, Kyra, Bodhi, Shayne, Geir, Nicholas

Music ~ Kaleidoscope by Stephan Moccio

Planting our Crop Gardens

written by Mitchell and Mackenzie
Grade 2
Last week, the grade 2s planted wheat with Mrs. Chapnick.  We planted the wheat in the crop bed.  We also planted with our volunteer, Mrs. Johnson. 
We needed to put the seeds in little holes so that they wouldn't be too close.  If they were too close, their roots would get tangled.  We dropped the seeds through the holes.  They almost looked like popcorn seeds and they were brownish beige.  We got to plant twice because there were so many seeds.
We learned about planting a crop!  It was fun!

written by Ava and Daemyn
Grade 3
Last week, the grade 3s planted wheat.  We had to use this thing to put the wheat in the soil.  It was a big piece of cardboard.  There were spaced out holes.  This was to keep the seeds in rows.  We hope we can make flour in the fall.  Maybe we can make bread or cookies.
It was fun planting the wheat.  It was just like planting at a farm.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You will hear the sound of music in Grade 4 this week!

written by Emily and Mikayla
SSES Bloggers

First, we learned about sound, pitch, volume and vibration.  Then we had to make our musical instruments out of recycled items.  You had to be able to change the pitch and volume and be able to create vibrations.  
Then we had to present them to the class.  We also shared them with lots of other classes.  We made drums, guitars, rainsticks, tubas, xylophones and maracas.  
We had lots of fun playing and sharing our creative musical instruments!

Sharing our instruments ~ the other classes loved trying them out!

Our Instruments!

The Strings

The Strings

Shakers, Maracas and Rainsticks

Wind Instruments


Xylophones and Chimes

Vermi Worm Composting in Grade 4

written by Jordin and Gaven
SSES Bloggers

Last week, people from East Interlake Conservation District came to our class.  They showed us worms...but, not just normal worms!  They were vermi composting worms.  We put newspaper and dirt into a container to start them off.  Every week, we feed them about two handfuls of compost.  If you put in too much compost, you will have fruit flies in your bin.  They gave us 50 worms and a couple of egg sacks.  Every egg sack has about ten worms.  Now we have about 130 worms, but that's just an estimate!


A visit from our local RCMP officer...

written by Leif and Tyra
Grade 2
Last week, Leif's Dad came to tell us about his job.  He is a police officer.  We are wondering about different jobs in our community in grade 2.
We got to see a taser and a video of pepper spray.  He taught us that kids should never ever touch guns!  He gave us paper police hats.
He does a lot of hard work.  His job is very interesting!

Did you know that book titles can create a poem?

written by Malia and Sydney
SSES Bloggers

A couple of weeks ago we did story spines in the library with Mrs. Klein.  Story spines are when you put five hard cover books together.  Then you read the spines and it makes a poem!  This was very interesting to do and we didn't know that you could make poems out of the titles of books.
It was fun!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SSES welcomes Mr. Porteous


written by Owen and Klara
Grade 2
Last week, Logan's Dad came to our school to talk about his job.  He is a dairy farmer.  He brought a cow and a calf with him.  Everyone in the school got to see the cow and calf.
The calf was Logan's 4H calf.  We got to pet the calf.  We saw the calf eat.  We saw Logan milk the cow.  We saw the cow eat the bale of hay.  Lots of cows make many liters of milk per day!
When you are a dairy farmer you have to wake up very early.  It is fun to be a dairy farmer because you get to live on a farm!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tucker's Dad visits the Grade 2s

written by the Grade 2s

Tucker’s Dad came to our school today.  He came to share about his job.  We are learning about different jobs and different people in grade 2. 
Tucker’s Dad is a carpenter and he builds houses.  He also builds garages.  He brought a skidsteer.  He brought a trailer full of his cool tools.  He had a hammer, a vacuum, a stapler, a welder, a nailer, a tape measurer, pliers, a jack hammer, a saw and a whole pile of nails.  He has a chest plate.  It is to protect him from getting hurt.  He had pencils to use for drawing and tracing things.  He does lots of Math every day. 
Tucker’s Dad brought in gold for us to feel.  Some of the gold was fool’s gold.  It is really called pyrite. He is not a gold miner, but he cleans up the holes from mining.  He makes the hole safe again.  He got a piece of gold from a geologist. 
He gave us yellow and orange hard hats.  We also got Kinder eggs!  He brought one of his co-workers, Danny, with him.  At the end, we had a group picture. 

Thank you, Ryan for showing us the rocks and telling us about your job.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Manitoba Schools Science Symposium

Five students from SSES participated in the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium last week!  We are so very proud of them!!!

Matthew and Taylor's project on "The Brain" earned them a bronze medal.  They conducted an experiment to find out if more people are left or right brain people.  They found out that the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body.  More people use their right side ~ therefore, they concluded that more people are left brained.  They also learned the various parts of the brain and the jobs of each part.  On judging day, they were a little nervous, but excited.  On Friday, they had fun doing the activities.  They were both so happy that they won a bronze medal!  Congratulations, Matthew and Taylor!  Your project was very interesting and informative!

Jasmine and Mya's experiment, "Growing Crystals," earned them a silver medal.  They grew sugar crystals and salt crystals.  They learned that coal and amber are 2 different types of rocks.  They thought that going to the Symposium was fun.  It was complicated at first because they had to build a rocket and a catapult for their Science activities.  Their rocket went 64 feet and their catapult went 22 feet.  They worked together with Lexy, Lexy's mom and Mya's auntie.  They also worked with two girls from Dr. George Johnson Middle School.  The second day was all judging.  The girls thought that the judging was a little nervewracking.  Two judges came to their project.  They were very nice and asked questions.  The girls were so excited because when the judging was finished, they got to go on a shopping spree!!!!  On Sunday, they presented the medals.  Mya and Jasmine said it was pretty cool to hear their names called for silver.  They were ecstatic!  Congratulations, girls!  We are so proud of you!

Lexy's project was called "Germs are Everywhere."  She collected various samples from around the school and learned that germs really are everywhere!  Lexy earned a bronze medal for her project.  It will be showcased at Oak Hammock Marsh in the next few weeks.  Lexy was excited and nervous all at the same time.  She was asked questions by the judges and many people walked through the Symposium.  She was excited to tell them about her project.  She said she was surprised when they called her name on Sunday.  She was also very proud.  So are we, Lexy!!!