Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You will hear the sound of music in Grade 4 this week!

written by Emily and Mikayla
SSES Bloggers

First, we learned about sound, pitch, volume and vibration.  Then we had to make our musical instruments out of recycled items.  You had to be able to change the pitch and volume and be able to create vibrations.  
Then we had to present them to the class.  We also shared them with lots of other classes.  We made drums, guitars, rainsticks, tubas, xylophones and maracas.  
We had lots of fun playing and sharing our creative musical instruments!

Sharing our instruments ~ the other classes loved trying them out!

Our Instruments!

The Strings

The Strings

Shakers, Maracas and Rainsticks

Wind Instruments


Xylophones and Chimes

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