Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SSES welcomes Mr. Porteous


written by Owen and Klara
Grade 2
Last week, Logan's Dad came to our school to talk about his job.  He is a dairy farmer.  He brought a cow and a calf with him.  Everyone in the school got to see the cow and calf.
The calf was Logan's 4H calf.  We got to pet the calf.  We saw the calf eat.  We saw Logan milk the cow.  We saw the cow eat the bale of hay.  Lots of cows make many liters of milk per day!
When you are a dairy farmer you have to wake up very early.  It is fun to be a dairy farmer because you get to live on a farm!


  1. Thank you Owen and Klara for sharing this incredible learning experience on our SSES blog. We are so fortunate to have Mr. Porteous take time out of his busy life (as a dairy farmer and Dad ) to bring their cow and calf to visit all of us at SSES. It is so important for everyone to learn about cows and dairy farms (and how dairy products help to keep us healthy and strong) but also to learn about different careers. The cool thing is that others can share this experience by reading our blog and checking out the amazing pictures. I am grateful to Mr. Porteous for giving SSES this opportunity and for inviting our students every year to his dairy farm. (He is also a 4H leader and teaches several students including his own children....). Thank you Mr. Porteous!