Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SSES Art Club ~ Paper Mache

Throughout the year, Ms. Chantel Miyai has been visiting our school to do Art Club with the students.  Over the past few weeks, they have been making paper mache creations!  Ms. Miyai would like to share a special message with the students....."Thank you to all of the students who came to art club throughout the year. Baby Logan loves all of his friends, everyone is just too sweet to him.  Have a great summer kids, see you in September!"

A special thank you to Ms. Miyai and her daughter, Emma for sharing their love of arts and crafts with the students at SSES!

3rd Annual SSES Super Run!

Congratulations to our SSES running club members on completing the Super Run!  We had 60 runners today!  Thank you to our cheering section ~ parents, grandparents, family and friends!  A special thank you to our coaches from Grade 5 & 6 at Dr. George Johnson Middle School ~ you dedicated many hours to our running program and we greatly appreciated your leadership and encouragement!

Thank you to Sobeys for donating the popsicles, juice boxes and cookies for our runners to enjoy after the run!
Thank you to Mrs. Magnusson, Mrs. Isfeld and Mrs. Affleck for encouraging the runners each week!  This is a wonderful opportunity for our runners and a true celebration for our school!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Exploring the Nature Playground!

On Thursday, the grade 1&2 classes visited the Nature Playground at Assiniboine Park.  We explored, made discoveries, used our imaginations, laughed & played!  We also went on the steam train!  Mother Nature kept the rain away until just before we left for home!  Playing in the rain was fun!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The composting process....up close!

written by Jayde and Jackson

Today we composted with  Mrs. Chapnick.  We used gloves.  I picked out rotten apples.  I picked out rotten apples and dirt and leaves.  We use compost to make soil.  We use soil for our garden beds and flower gardens.  Kids at our school compost everyday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby chicks visit Room 113

written by Mrs. Michaluk's class
Today, G's family brought in baby chicks.  There are six little chicks.  They are very cute and beautiful.  On their beaks, it looks like it is a little bit open.  They have cuddled together all day long.  One went out the door of the cage.  They didn't stop chirping all day long!  We thought they were singing!  They are going to lay eggs one day.  There are 9 other baby chicks at home.  We have been working on story even our baby chicks turned into a story problem.  There are 15 chicks all together.  Some of the baby chicks fell asleep when we were holding them.  When we held them, they were soft, cuddly and they had pointy feet.  One of the chicks yawned!  They were cutie patooties!  G's Mom said that we could each pick a name for the chicks.  We had fun sketching, writing about, holding and naming the baby chicks!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Grade 1&2s visit the Children's Museum

written by Mrs. Michaluk's class
All of the Grade 1&2 classes visited the Children's Museum on May 28th.  We got to eat outside in the sunshine like a picnic.  There was an illusion tunnel and a disco room.  It was fun because you were able to touch the disco light.  There is a new play structure being created at the Children's Museum.  It is made out of sticky tape and is called Tapescape.  It opens May 31st.  It looks like it will be fun!  The water station was where you could use balls and scoops to move and play in the water.  There were two tornados to put the balls into and a container that made a puff of steam when you pushed on it.  When you put a ball on the water, it would go up!  Lasanga Lookout is a big play structure.  You can play hide and seek with your friends on it!  There are tubes you can talk into and someone can listen on the other end of the tube.  There was a train that you could pretend to drive.  You could pretend that there was a flood around the train.  Part of the train was outside of the building where we were eating.  We could see our friends waving to us from inside of the train when we were outside.  You could climb up a set of stairs to see out at the whole museum.
Our class and Mrs. Arnason & Mrs. Boholij's class learned about owls.  We were scientists and dissected owl pellets.  There were so many bones inside the owl pellet.  We found fish bones and teeth, mouse bones and bird bones.  We got to see a skull of a barn owl and a field mouse.
Mrs. Torcia's, Mrs. Johannesson's and Ms. Shamanski's classes learned about wheels and motion.  They got to create cars and then race them down a ramp.  It sounded like it was exciting and fun!  We could hear their cheers and giggles in the next room!

Thank you to our volunteers!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

K-Kids at SSES

SSES K-Kids 2013-2014
written by Patrick (Vice President) and Ryder (Secretary)
The K-Kids is an organization that helps others like raising money for kids in Nicaragua.  Many kids at SSES volunteered to be a part of the K-Kids.  You need to be in Grade 3&4 to be part of K-Kids.  At our meetings, we talk about how we can help and how we can raise money.  We have done a hot chocolate sale already.  Right now, we are working on organizing our school garage sale.  K-Kids is part of the Kiwanis Club.  Mrs. Stanicky comes to our meetings.  Our meetings are very official!  We feel like it is a grown-up meeting.  We follow an agenda and take minutes.  We all share ideas.  It is fun!
On Thursday, the Kiwanis Club cooked a special pancake and sausage breakfast for our entire school.  It was delicious!  We were very thankful and used our manners.
The President of the Kiwanis Club of Canada came to our school and presented us with a Charter Certificate.  We got to shake his hand.
It is important to be a part of K-Kids because we can help people!

Gimli Ice Festival's mascot, Cooley visited during the Kiwanis breakfast
Our K-Kids President