Friday, June 6, 2014

The composting process....up close!

written by Jayde and Jackson

Today we composted with  Mrs. Chapnick.  We used gloves.  I picked out rotten apples.  I picked out rotten apples and dirt and leaves.  We use compost to make soil.  We use soil for our garden beds and flower gardens.  Kids at our school compost everyday!

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  1. Thank you Mrs. Chapnick for your leadership in our compost initiative at SSES. I am so impressed with how everyone works together to ensure that we separate compost items from the garbage and recycling. I am sure that many of you are teaching your families about composting at home as well so this project is helping to make Gimli and the surrounding area more environmentally friendly. It is pretty cool that we are able to use the compost to enrich our soil in our gardens and raised beds. Thanks to Mr. Ostapchuk for all of his help with collecting compost and placing it in the huge bins by the greenhouse. What a team!