Monday, June 2, 2014

K-Kids at SSES

SSES K-Kids 2013-2014
written by Patrick (Vice President) and Ryder (Secretary)
The K-Kids is an organization that helps others like raising money for kids in Nicaragua.  Many kids at SSES volunteered to be a part of the K-Kids.  You need to be in Grade 3&4 to be part of K-Kids.  At our meetings, we talk about how we can help and how we can raise money.  We have done a hot chocolate sale already.  Right now, we are working on organizing our school garage sale.  K-Kids is part of the Kiwanis Club.  Mrs. Stanicky comes to our meetings.  Our meetings are very official!  We feel like it is a grown-up meeting.  We follow an agenda and take minutes.  We all share ideas.  It is fun!
On Thursday, the Kiwanis Club cooked a special pancake and sausage breakfast for our entire school.  It was delicious!  We were very thankful and used our manners.
The President of the Kiwanis Club of Canada came to our school and presented us with a Charter Certificate.  We got to shake his hand.
It is important to be a part of K-Kids because we can help people!

Gimli Ice Festival's mascot, Cooley visited during the Kiwanis breakfast
Our K-Kids President

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