Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby chicks visit Room 113

written by Mrs. Michaluk's class
Today, G's family brought in baby chicks.  There are six little chicks.  They are very cute and beautiful.  On their beaks, it looks like it is a little bit open.  They have cuddled together all day long.  One went out the door of the cage.  They didn't stop chirping all day long!  We thought they were singing!  They are going to lay eggs one day.  There are 9 other baby chicks at home.  We have been working on story even our baby chicks turned into a story problem.  There are 15 chicks all together.  Some of the baby chicks fell asleep when we were holding them.  When we held them, they were soft, cuddly and they had pointy feet.  One of the chicks yawned!  They were cutie patooties!  G's Mom said that we could each pick a name for the chicks.  We had fun sketching, writing about, holding and naming the baby chicks!

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