Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Grade 1&2s visit the Children's Museum

written by Mrs. Michaluk's class
All of the Grade 1&2 classes visited the Children's Museum on May 28th.  We got to eat outside in the sunshine like a picnic.  There was an illusion tunnel and a disco room.  It was fun because you were able to touch the disco light.  There is a new play structure being created at the Children's Museum.  It is made out of sticky tape and is called Tapescape.  It opens May 31st.  It looks like it will be fun!  The water station was where you could use balls and scoops to move and play in the water.  There were two tornados to put the balls into and a container that made a puff of steam when you pushed on it.  When you put a ball on the water, it would go up!  Lasanga Lookout is a big play structure.  You can play hide and seek with your friends on it!  There are tubes you can talk into and someone can listen on the other end of the tube.  There was a train that you could pretend to drive.  You could pretend that there was a flood around the train.  Part of the train was outside of the building where we were eating.  We could see our friends waving to us from inside of the train when we were outside.  You could climb up a set of stairs to see out at the whole museum.
Our class and Mrs. Arnason & Mrs. Boholij's class learned about owls.  We were scientists and dissected owl pellets.  There were so many bones inside the owl pellet.  We found fish bones and teeth, mouse bones and bird bones.  We got to see a skull of a barn owl and a field mouse.
Mrs. Torcia's, Mrs. Johannesson's and Ms. Shamanski's classes learned about wheels and motion.  They got to create cars and then race them down a ramp.  It sounded like it was exciting and fun!  We could hear their cheers and giggles in the next room!

Thank you to our volunteers!!!!

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