Thursday, June 8, 2017

Room 131's Book Reviews!

A few weeks ago in Room 131 on Twitter Tuesday, we wanted to share our love of reading and our favorite books!  140 characters does not give quite enough room to say just how much we love reading and why we love our favorite we decided that a blog post was the best way to share this with you!  Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Little Library ~ by Room 108's Kindergarten class

If you've noticed a little tiny building at the front of the is a very special community's the story behind it!

written by Rilla, Deegan, Jacob and Kyler

We love books in Room 109!  We collected so many books for kids that don't have books like we do!  Deegan and his Dad made a tiny library house for our school!  "I used a hammer, a drill and Dad used a saw.  We made everything fit together!" ~ D

Here's what you do with the little take a book...and leave a book!  That's very important, always leave a book if you take one, or there wouldn't be any left!!!

It's for all of the people in our town!  We hope you love reading, too!

Being a Room 115

written by Gage and Kaitlyn K.

We were inspired to create the friendship video because we were having friend issues at recess.  We've been trying to talk it out and work it out with our teacher's help, but we were still having troubles.  We've been watching friendship videos & songs and it inspired us!  We all made a friendship sign.  We painted the sign.  We took videos all over the school and then put it together in a video of our own.  Sticking up for each other is so important.  Being a bully is what you DON'T want to be!  Sometimes even laughing at someone is hurtful.

We think we are kinder now!  We help each other make better choices.

We hope this video will change the world and make it kinder!

Our Kindness Creation by Chloe and Kylie

We built a kindness creation.  It has different spaces ~ honest, joy, happiness and friendship.  We have an argument place because its okay to sometimes not agree with people.

If we were small enough to walk through, we would do the same things that each place says.  It would feel peaceful and caring!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Coffee Can Garbage Challenge

Ms. Lewis's class challenged the entire school to the Coffee Can Garbage Challenge in honor of Earth Day!  Litterless lunches will help us meet this challenge....each classroom is encouraged to use a coffee can as their garbage can for the day and recycle, reuse, reduce & compost as much as possible!  SSES is up for the challenge, hopefully not just on Monday, but everyday!!!!

written by Bella, Sawyer and Griffin

We want less garbage in the school...less garbage in the whole world!  We don't like garbage because it can hurt animals and fish.  No garbage is best, but a tiny bit of garbage is ok...but, tiny!!!  That's why we only gave a coffee can to use.

We love our Earth so much.  I even stand on guard against my yard, my school and even on vacation!

Hopefully everyone listened to our message on the announcements.  It was so important!  It doesn't just need to be on Earth Day when we think about taking care of our Earth...we need to do it every single day!

Every day is EARTH DAY!

Thank you for helping us!

Our love is all around our Earth!

Don't bring garbage in your lunch, but you can bring a banana (that's compost, so it's okay!)

I love Earth Day!  The Earth is holding some love and this is a special lunch kit filled with containers!

Our Kindergarten bloggers hard at work!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Shared Explorations in Kindergarten!

written by Brae-Lynn, Kenzi, Aliya, Lyla, River and Lucas

We love playing!  We have explorations with our friends in the other Kindergarten classrooms.  Sometimes we play...make & paint...splash and measure in the water...go outside!  We even did book writing on the SMART Board!  We do play plans in our books (and sometimes in our heads) before we go to explorations.  We get to do shared explorations each month!

We really like playing with our friends from other rooms...sometimes you can even have better ideas with new friends!  

Ag in the Classroom ~ CALM presentation

written by Kolton

Karis visited the grade 1 and 2 classrooms before spring break.  She talked to us about farming.  We made placemats that had all of the food that we love on them!  We played a matching game in small groups.  We had to match the farm part to the food part.  Cows give us meat and milk.  Chickens give us eggs and milk.  Pigs give us bacon, meat and the leather for a football, we didn't know that!  Canola gives us oil.  Farmers are so important because they grow crops, take care of animals and give us food.  We watched a music video about farmers.  Karis gave us a book about where our food comes from.  Canadian farmers feed people all over the world!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Take care of our Earth ~ a message from the SSES Garbage Club!

written by Lily and Amaris

We started the Garbage Club at SSES when we were in Grade 1 & 2....this is our third year of Garbage Club!!!  We have so many volunteer kids that help us!

The Garbage Club is important because it takes care of litter.  We don't want litter to be in the environment, our water or hurting animals.  In the morning, we make an announcement welcoming volunteers to help us out!  We meet during recess at the white house!  We give each volunteer or group one bag and one glove.  We spread out to cover the whole playground!  The kids count the pieces of garbage to keep track.  Spring is our busiest time...but, windy days are busy, too!  
Garbage Club doesn't just need to be at can pick up litter or recyclables around their homes or the neighborhood.  It's also important to clean up in our town and on our beach.  Be safe, it's important that an adult is with you when you do this!

We actually hope that one day, we won't need a Garbage Club!  That will mean that people aren't littering anymore and our Earth is healthy!

Thank you to all of the kids that help us.... L & A