Monday, April 3, 2017

Take care of our Earth ~ a message from the SSES Garbage Club!

written by Lily and Amaris

We started the Garbage Club at SSES when we were in Grade 1 & 2....this is our third year of Garbage Club!!!  We have so many volunteer kids that help us!

The Garbage Club is important because it takes care of litter.  We don't want litter to be in the environment, our water or hurting animals.  In the morning, we make an announcement welcoming volunteers to help us out!  We meet during recess at the white house!  We give each volunteer or group one bag and one glove.  We spread out to cover the whole playground!  The kids count the pieces of garbage to keep track.  Spring is our busiest time...but, windy days are busy, too!  
Garbage Club doesn't just need to be at can pick up litter or recyclables around their homes or the neighborhood.  It's also important to clean up in our town and on our beach.  Be safe, it's important that an adult is with you when you do this!

We actually hope that one day, we won't need a Garbage Club!  That will mean that people aren't littering anymore and our Earth is healthy!

Thank you to all of the kids that help us.... L & A

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