Sunday, April 23, 2017

Coffee Can Garbage Challenge

Ms. Lewis's class challenged the entire school to the Coffee Can Garbage Challenge in honor of Earth Day!  Litterless lunches will help us meet this challenge....each classroom is encouraged to use a coffee can as their garbage can for the day and recycle, reuse, reduce & compost as much as possible!  SSES is up for the challenge, hopefully not just on Monday, but everyday!!!!

written by Bella, Sawyer and Griffin

We want less garbage in the school...less garbage in the whole world!  We don't like garbage because it can hurt animals and fish.  No garbage is best, but a tiny bit of garbage is ok...but, tiny!!!  That's why we only gave a coffee can to use.

We love our Earth so much.  I even stand on guard against my yard, my school and even on vacation!

Hopefully everyone listened to our message on the announcements.  It was so important!  It doesn't just need to be on Earth Day when we think about taking care of our Earth...we need to do it every single day!

Every day is EARTH DAY!

Thank you for helping us!

Our love is all around our Earth!

Don't bring garbage in your lunch, but you can bring a banana (that's compost, so it's okay!)

I love Earth Day!  The Earth is holding some love and this is a special lunch kit filled with containers!

Our Kindergarten bloggers hard at work!

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