Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Being a Friend....by Room 115

written by Gage and Kaitlyn K.

We were inspired to create the friendship video because we were having friend issues at recess.  We've been trying to talk it out and work it out with our teacher's help, but we were still having troubles.  We've been watching friendship videos & songs and it inspired us!  We all made a friendship sign.  We painted the sign.  We took videos all over the school and then put it together in a video of our own.  Sticking up for each other is so important.  Being a bully is what you DON'T want to be!  Sometimes even laughing at someone is hurtful.

We think we are kinder now!  We help each other make better choices.

We hope this video will change the world and make it kinder!

Our Kindness Creation by Chloe and Kylie

We built a kindness creation.  It has different spaces ~ honest, joy, happiness and friendship.  We have an argument place because its okay to sometimes not agree with people.

If we were small enough to walk through, we would do the same things that each place says.  It would feel peaceful and caring!

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