Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Little Library ~ by Room 108's Kindergarten class

If you've noticed a little tiny building at the front of the school....it is a very special community library....here's the story behind it!

written by Rilla, Deegan, Jacob and Kyler

We love books in Room 109!  We collected so many books for kids that don't have books like we do!  Deegan and his Dad made a tiny library house for our school!  "I used a hammer, a drill and Dad used a saw.  We made everything fit together!" ~ D

Here's what you do with the little library...you take a book...and leave a book!  That's very important, always leave a book if you take one, or there wouldn't be any left!!!

It's for all of the people in our town!  We hope you love reading, too!

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