Monday, April 29, 2013

Ms. Ross visits the Grade 1 classes

written by Jackson
Grade 1

We are learning about beavers in Grade 1.  Ms. Ross came to our class.  She read us a book.  I saw lots of things.  I saw a beaver fur.  It was soft.  I saw a skull.  We each got a wood chip. Beavers are very interesting.  Thank you for visiting us Ms. Ross.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Canada's Ladies Olympic Basketball Coach visits SSES

written by Indiana
SSES Blogger

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of meeting the coach of the Canadian Ladies' Olympic Wheelchair Basketball team.  It was a nice experience.  We learned that even if you are in a wheelchair, you can participate in all of the sports that able bodied people can do.  The Paraolympics are held right after the Olympic Games.  Para means parallel to the able bodied Olympics...meaning the same sports, similar places and the same team spirit.  The Paraolympics and the Olympics give ALL people the chance to shine! 
Even if you are able bodied, you can be involved in wheelchair sports, too.  It was cool because the teachers played a game of

wheelchair basketball.  The crowd was loud with cheers.  Some kids were able to try out wheelchair basketball and noodle tag during the assembly.  The wheelchairs stayed at our school for a week.  We really enjoyed using the wheelchairs in gym class.  We played basketball using a bucket instead of the hoops because we are not professionals.  While we were in the wheelchairs, we wished that we could play wheelchair sports on a daily basis.  It was very good exercise for our arms and our core (stomach muscles.)
This was one of the best experiences of 2013!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jump Rope for Heart

On Friday, April 12th, we had our Jump Rope for Heart event at SSES.  Mrs. Einarson' grade 6 class from Dr. George Johnson Middle School came over to help out and run our stations.  We had so much fun skipping, doing the limbo and exercising our hearts!

Our school raised over $4000!!!!  Thank you so much for your genorosity!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mrs. Casper's Grade 3s welcome Cheddar and Cheese!

These are our new pet fish, Cheddar and Cheese. 

We had been talking about getting a class pet.  Some kids in our class have allergies so we had to get a class friendly pet.  We discussed different pets.  Keenan's mom asked us if we wanted to give two fish a new home.  She found a fish tank for us at Evergreen Basic Needs.  She brought in our new tank and our new coy fish.  We had a vote to decide on our pets' names.  It was unanimous!  Cheddar and Cheese were the names.

We noticed that our fish were not swimming around in their tank.  We thought that the tank was maybe too small.  We also noticed that there was algae in the tank already. We visited the other Grade 3 class and noticed that they had a bigger fish tank.  We felt bad for our fish and we decided to get a bigger tank. 

We voted to sell cookies and iced tea to raise money to buy a new tank.  We bought some cookies to sell and kids in our class made the rest of the cookies at home.  Volunteers helped us sell our cookies and iced tea.  The two grade 3 classes raised $300 for their class pets.  We were able to share the money and buy the supplies for our fish tank.  Samantha's mom donated the glass part of the tank.  Mrs. Casper was able to get our lid, plants and rocks from a pet store.

Our fish are fun to look at!  We feel awesome now that we have our fish!  They're beautiful!  We have to be responsible for them.  We take turns feeding them.  When we get to school we can ask if it's our turn to feed them.  I love our fish just like I love my dog.  It is funny when Cheddar swallows a rock and spits it back out.  I like watching the fish eat.  We think Cheddar and Cheese are great names for our fish.  We sit by Cheddar and Cheese and read to them.  We ask them Math questions.  It is relaxing to hear the water and watch them swim.

Cheddar and Cheese are the best fish in the world!


Friday, April 5, 2013

It's a little "sticky" in Kindergarten!!!

Ms. Lewis' Kindergarten class welcomed their new stick bug friends on Monday.  They have already learned so many new things about stick bugs!!!

Stick bugs eat lettuce. ~ Peyton

Stick bugs are camouflaged. ~ Jenifer

That means they blend in. ~ Rayna

They drink water. ~ Emmalee and Keira and Aurora

They look like sticks. ~ Ava M.

They don't bite! ~ Erik

They crawl around.  We think their toes are sticky. ~ Thomas

They need sticks to climb on. ~ Kaitlyn

They can walk on people.  We haven't tried that yet.

They eat raspberry leaves. ~ Olivia

They are herbivores. ~ Duncan

The longest stick bug is 36 cm long!

We've estimated how many stick bugs we have.  Ms. Lewis thinks we have 7 or 8.

They can breathe through the holes at the top of the cage. ~ Ava B.

Their legs look like the number 7. ~ Thomas

They can escape. ~ Peyton

It is fun to have stick bugs! ~ Ava M. and Jenifer

Stick bugs don't naturally belong in Manitoba, but we can have them as pets.

They can cause damage to trees and plants if they get outside. 
We will be very careful with our stick bug friends!

We made pictures and wrotes sentences about our observations and discoveries about stick bugs. 

We are becoming stick bug experts!!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jump Rope for Heart Kick-Off

by Keira Gr 1
I liked when they had skipping ropes.  It was awesome.  They were here for Jump Rope for Heart.  We are raising money for healthy hearts.  It feels great to skip!

by Ben Gr 1
We went to the gym.  My favourite part was when the guy went on a pogo stick and jumped over the rope.  My second favourite part was when there was lots of ropes and another girl jumped over them.  I want to skip like them.  It was fun!

Our Jump Rope for Heart event will be on Friday, April 12th!