Monday, April 29, 2013

Ms. Ross visits the Grade 1 classes

written by Jackson
Grade 1

We are learning about beavers in Grade 1.  Ms. Ross came to our class.  She read us a book.  I saw lots of things.  I saw a beaver fur.  It was soft.  I saw a skull.  We each got a wood chip. Beavers are very interesting.  Thank you for visiting us Ms. Ross.


  1. that looks cool

  2. Thank you for sharing this learning experience Jackson. The beaver is not only an important animal , but it is also a very important symbol in Canada. Do you know why? Thank you Mrs. Ross for helping us to learn more about Aboriginal perspectives and helping us to celebrate not only our heritage but being a diverse learning community.

  3. Great job in sharing what you learned about beavers with Mrs.Ross, Jackson.