Monday, April 8, 2013

Mrs. Casper's Grade 3s welcome Cheddar and Cheese!

These are our new pet fish, Cheddar and Cheese. 

We had been talking about getting a class pet.  Some kids in our class have allergies so we had to get a class friendly pet.  We discussed different pets.  Keenan's mom asked us if we wanted to give two fish a new home.  She found a fish tank for us at Evergreen Basic Needs.  She brought in our new tank and our new coy fish.  We had a vote to decide on our pets' names.  It was unanimous!  Cheddar and Cheese were the names.

We noticed that our fish were not swimming around in their tank.  We thought that the tank was maybe too small.  We also noticed that there was algae in the tank already. We visited the other Grade 3 class and noticed that they had a bigger fish tank.  We felt bad for our fish and we decided to get a bigger tank. 

We voted to sell cookies and iced tea to raise money to buy a new tank.  We bought some cookies to sell and kids in our class made the rest of the cookies at home.  Volunteers helped us sell our cookies and iced tea.  The two grade 3 classes raised $300 for their class pets.  We were able to share the money and buy the supplies for our fish tank.  Samantha's mom donated the glass part of the tank.  Mrs. Casper was able to get our lid, plants and rocks from a pet store.

Our fish are fun to look at!  We feel awesome now that we have our fish!  They're beautiful!  We have to be responsible for them.  We take turns feeding them.  When we get to school we can ask if it's our turn to feed them.  I love our fish just like I love my dog.  It is funny when Cheddar swallows a rock and spits it back out.  I like watching the fish eat.  We think Cheddar and Cheese are great names for our fish.  We sit by Cheddar and Cheese and read to them.  We ask them Math questions.  It is relaxing to hear the water and watch them swim.

Cheddar and Cheese are the best fish in the world!



  1. Thank you, for giving our fish such a great home!!!!!
    Keenan and his mom

  2. I am glad we Fish!!! EMMA Sping

    I like the name's CHEDDER CHEESE !!! Kyla

  3. Wow! What an inspiring story! Thank you to Keenan and his Mom for allowing Mrs. Casper and the Grade 3 class this opportunity to give Cheddar and Cheese such a great home. These are two lucky fish...having such compassionate, kind, attentive, and loving caregivers. I look forward to many more stories of your experiences together. Welcome to SSES Cheddar and Cheese!!