Friday, November 9, 2012

Community Visitors in Grade 2.....

Throughout the year, the Grade 2s will be welcoming visitors from our Community to share information about their jobs with us.  We had some very interesting guests in October and November.

Mrs. Kmet talked about how she takes samples of ditch water to research the water.  There were good bugs and bad bugs in the water. ~ Mitchell

She tests the water to keep the environment clean. ~ Tyra

She talked about special things that she uses to wrap around the bottles.  The labels keep the bottle closed. ~ Nate

Mrs. Vermette works at campsites. ~ Leif

I didn't know that she did that job at Camp Morton and Winnipeg Beach. ~ Brady M.

She works to make sure that no animals hurt anyone. ~ Logan

Mrs. De Meyer is a dog groomer.  The poodle was fluffy and blue. ~ Haley

She trims and grooms dogs and she grooms cats, too. ~ Noah

I liked the small puppy, Molly.  ~ Tucker

The puppies were barking.  Woof, woof. ~ Brady S.

Mr. Woroniuk works with animals as a Natural Resources officer. ~ Autumn

He told us a story about seeing a timber wolf with his kids.  The wolf was 3 feet from them.  The wolf was just standing there and then took off.  ~ Jacob

He told us about a bear.  He talked about polar bears.  The mom polar bear took care of the baby polar bears.  The dad polar bear ate seals. ~ Hughe

Mr. Klein, my Dad, is a fish biologist.  He told us that there are many ways you can fish. ~ Mackenzie

He brought paper fish we could look at.  We were matching and comparing the sizes. ~ Klara

He showed us rubber fish and nets. ~ Chrystopher

Mr. Clarke, my Dad, is a firefighter.  He hasn't had any fires yet this year.  He gave us plastic fire hats when we were done.  ~ Ryan

When Ms. Lachuta put on the helmet, there was a tank connected to it to help her breathe.  It hooked up to an oxygen tank. ~ Adam


  1. I absolutely loved reading your learning experiences in this blog post. We have the most incredible, supportive parents at SSES and I am thrilled that they have taken time out of their busy lives to share their important (and fascinating) jobs with us. Our school and our community is enriched by everybody being different and my hope is that you will pursue your passions, both as a child and as you grow up, so that you can be engaged in activities that bring you joy in your life. Thank you so much to Mrs. Kmet, Mrs. Vermette, Mr. Woroniuk, Mrs. De Meyer, Mr. Klein, and Mr. Clark!! SSES is so lucky to have you and we look forward to future visits from parents and the community to make our school an even better place to learn and grow!

  2. I like the Mr kleins robber fish bradym

  3. Logan and Avery PorteousNovember 25, 2012 at 8:52 AM

    (I think those pic are cool Logan)(My dad is going to come with some cows Avery)

    1. i liked the dog with the blue hair. its really cute and i love the small dog molly really cute dog!!!