Friday, April 22, 2016

#BeTheChange at SSES

#BeTheChange from Lisa Michaluk on Vimeo.

Everyday should be Earth Day!!!  We need to #BeTheChange for our world!

When asked what is important about taking care of our Earth and each other, children said.....

~ take care of the Earth, we only have one!

~ Be kind, be nice

~ use your great imagination!

~ make the world clean and help the world be kind

~ share with people and take care of each other

~ help someone when they're hurt and always say you're sorry

~ clean up around your town

~ use your mind to invent useful things

~ invent a mini light that will light up the entire room that won't use that much electricity!

~ everyone needs to work together to clean up our Earth

~ spread kindness by taking care of each other!

~ the world feels better when your heart is happy!

~ make other people feel will make you feel happy!

~ keep our forests ~ don't cut down trees.  Plant more trees to keep the Earth healthy!

~ be kind, believe in your dreams!

~ think about your choices for the Earth

~ include all people

~ help poor countries become successful

~ invent something to destroy garbage

~ good thinking makes the world smarter!

~ the world is better when we work together and solve problems!

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