Monday, May 2, 2016

Grade 1&2s visit the Children's Museum

Last week, the grade 1&2 classes visited the Children's Museum.  We were very fortunate to be part of the Rural Access Program.  Through grants and funding, the Children's Museum covered the cost of our bussing and visit to the Museum!  We are so grateful!!!!

My favorite part is the train!  The mice are underneath the train and they are funny!  I loved lasagna lookout and the water station.  I also like going to the Milk Tubes, they're fun to make the air stop and go.  The water station was the best....and the train!  It's so hard to choose! ~ Ryan

My class went to the Children's Museum.  We had to take a bus.  The first thing we did was go on the train.  I also liked the milk tubes.  We saw a bunny outside the window by the milk tubes!  When we were at the lasagna lookout....there is a long thing that spins!  We learned about water pollution.  The air pollution (food coloring) and sewage (soil) was almost impossible to get out of the water.  We could flip over the container, but we cannot flip over our lake!!!  My favorite part was the train!!!  ~ Julie

I went to the Children's Museum.  My favorite part was the train.  We were pretending we were underwater.  It was fun!!  I built a big skyscraper.  The bus was fun too!  I brought a colouring book, I coloured a Minion.  He was a pirate, and Bob was eating a banana!  I love the lasagna lookout.  I like the noodles that you go through! ~ Hailee

My favorite part is the tubes at the milk station and the playground.  Lasagna Lookout was fun!  You can got to the's just fun!  There are so many favorite parts!  The furry balls going into the tubes is so fun!  Some kids were saying that the milk was 10 pts.  You had to move handles to make the tube open and  close.  If it's closed, the air is trapped.  What was your favorite part of the trip? ~ Zach

I like the train.  It was fun!  We were pretending to save the train.  We were running around and making sure people were safe.  We used our imaginations.  What do you like about the train? ~ Leif

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