Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kindergartens visit the Children's Museum!

written by Kaydea, Korman, Henrik and Taylor

We loved the slide!  It's a rainbow!  There were three steps!  The slide had bumps.  There was a window that you could see down.  It reflected the people on the slide onto a mirror.  You could have a dance party!  And the stairs where you go way up....that's where the stories are!

There was a train!  You could see outside it.  Some of it was outside the building.  So cool!

The pin board was so fun.  You have to push them.  I could even see my glasses!  And the had so many lights! 

We ate outside.  It was like a picnic!  We played on the playground outside.  There was a big, big play structure.  There was a sandbox.  The day was AWESOME!!!!

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