Monday, May 26, 2014

A visit to Mission Trails Farm....

The grade 1&2 classes learned about life on a dairy farm on Friday!  We visited Mr. Porteous, Melissa, Avery & Logan at Mission Trails Farm.

written by Mrs. Torcia's class

Today we visited Mission Trails Farm.  Mission Trails Farm is around 100 years old!  We went to the room where the milk goes to cool down.  There is a big humongous stainless steel tank to hold the milk until the milk truck comes to pick it up.  There are machines that milk the cows.  We saw baby calves, one calf was just born last night.  It is so cute and really small.  The baby calf drinks from its mother.  There were two calves with leads on their necks because they were in training to be show cows! There is a big machine that feeds the cows grain. They eat grain, grass and hay.  Mr. Porteous milked the cow with the milking machine.  They put iodine on the cow’s udder to make it clean before they put the machine on.  We saw the milk after the cow was done being milked.  We guessed how much milk would be in the bucket after one cow was milked.  We guessed full, and it was!  The cows have tags on their ears to keep track of who their family is.  There were also dogs and cats on the dairy farm.  They have goats and some of them had horns.  Mr. Porteous and his family gave us all chocolate milk and Oreo cookies after our tour!

written by Mrs. Arnason and Mrs. Boholij's class

We went on a trip to Mission Trails Farm.  We saw a lot of cows and goats.  We learned that cows can be milked by hand or by machine.  We saw baby calves in the barn.  One was born last night.  After our tour, we had milk and cookies.  Yum!

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