Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Learning About Government in Grade 3&4

written by Autumn ~ grade 3
Last week Mr. Bjornson came to our school to teach the Grade 3&4s about the government.  Mr. Bjornson helps make Gimli be the best it can be!

written by Tanner ~ grade 4
Last week Mr. Bjornson came to talk about what he does.  He said that he goes to two conferences.  He makes sure that things are good for the community.  Mr. Bjornson works for the Provincial government.  He said his old job was being a teacher.  He said that in the future, they are going to put an elevator into the Rec Centre.  The government helps people get their driver's licences and helps doctors, nurses, teachers, cops and even more.  He helped build the new apartment building by our school for families to live in.

written by Essa ~ grade 4
Last week, Mr. Bjornson came to our school to teach us about his job.  We learned that there are three levels of government ~ federal, provincial and municipal.  Mr. Bjornson actually used to be a teacher!  The government uses the taxes that we pay to build stuff like hospitals.  I am excited to learn more about the government.

written by Kyra and Kyrra ~ grade 4

Last week, Mr. Bjornson came to our school!  He talked about his job.  He told us that he has 2 houses ~ one here in Gimli and one in Winnipeg.  He also talked about the government.  He told us that there is federal, provincial and municipal government.  He used to be a teacher.  It's cool that he was a teacher!  It's really awesome how the government makes money and then uses it to build buildings like hospitals, apartment buildings and new schools.  It was really fun having Mr. Bjornson to our school!

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