Monday, February 1, 2016

Room 116 and Room 112 visit the Harbour!

Our Trip to the Harbour
written by Gunnar, Katelyn, Shane and Madison
Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Mager/Ms. Elsworth's classes

We went to the harbour to see all of the ice sculptures on Friday.  We saw ice sculpture skates.  There were two small ones and one big one.  There was a skating rink there.  It looked like a fun place to skate.  There was even an ice castle sculpture.  It had a Viking.  There was a lighthouse sculpture, too.  There was an ice hill that maybe you could slide on.

On the way back, we saw 23 ice shacks on the lake.  There was a snowmobiler and a truck on the ice.  There was rain on our walk back in the middle of winter!!!

We saw lots of important buildings in Gimli on our walk.  We took pictures with our iPads.  We wrote about our little field trip when we got back.  Maybe we will take our families to see the sculptures!

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