Thursday, February 25, 2016

Celebrating the 50th Day of School in Kindergarten!

50 Day in Kindergarten!
written by Brendan, Nathan, Brenan and Jasmine

Did you know that 50 Day means that we have been in school for 50 days???

We brought 50 things on 50 Day!  Some things were Smarties, Cheerios, LEGO mini figures and money!  We counted our 50 things and made shapes.  Some of us wore 50s clothes like sunglasses and poodle skirts.  We could wear really special clothes!  We read a book about 50 day!  There was bubble gum!  We could blow bubbles!  We had a photo booth.  Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Mills took our pictures!  We did a lot of counting!!!  We even counted to 100.  That is a very big number!!!  In the afternoon, Robbie the Robin came to visit.  He read us the Pigeon book and brought us Robin's Eggs.  They were yummy!  Wow!  Did we ever have a great day!!!! 

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