Monday, March 24, 2014

Winter Fun Day!

Written by Hailey and Jackson ~ Grade 2
This morning, we had Winter Fun Day.  I loved the party room in the Music room.  We got to play freeze dance!  There was curling in the gym.  We also played a torch relay game outside.  We used a plunger for a torch!  Another relay game used pails.  We had to fill the pail with snow and give it to the next person to make a pile.
I liked playing Winter Fun games.  It was a foggy day!  We had so much fun today!



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  1. Winter Fun Day was amazing! The weather was gorgeous and having all the snow made being outside even more fun. Thank you to all of the students for your enthusiasm and energy! A special thank you to Mrs. Chapnick and her GHS assistant Kenny D. for their hard work in organizing and facilitating this wonderful event for our school....and for helping us to remember that Winter can be awesome!