Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stars, Planets and Constellations ~ Stardome Planetarium

written and illustrated by Amaris Grade 1, Ben Grade 2 and Cade Grade 3
Last week the Star Dome came to our school.  It is a big, black dome that is filled with air.  The stars, constellations and planets were in the "sky."  It is a mobile planetarium!
The Kindergarten and Grade 1&2 students saw a show about Daily and Seasonal Changes.  We got to hear a story.  I felt sleepy when the night sky came.  We got to see a sunset.  The sunset went across the sky.  We saw how day turns into night.
We got to hold a meteorite.  It was heavy!  It was 6.5 billion years old ~ can you believe it?  The scientist got it from Argentina. 
The grade 3 and 4 students went to the Star Dome to see the Solar System.  I learned that Mars had the largest canyon and biggest volcano in the solar system!  I was so excited when I went into the dome!  I felt like I was spinning!
Thank you to the SSES PAC for bringing this amazing opportunity to explore the stars, the sun and the planets to our school!  We are so lucky!

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  1. What a wonderful experience to have the Star Dome visit our school! It was an incredible learning opportunity and SSES is very grateful to our parent advisory council for organizing and funding this event. Thank you!