Monday, March 24, 2014

Visiting Dr. George Johnson Middle School!

written by Mrs. Michaluk's Grade 1&2 class
The Grade 7s came to our class in February for I Love to Read month.  We read them stories and they read to us.  Today we went to the middle school.  It was exciting to go to the big school.  They have a room with hockey tables, computers and an xBox!!!
They made their own books to read to us.  The books were all different and unique.  They also read books from the library to us.  Mrs. LeBlanc, the Librarian, read us a funny version of the Three Little Pigs ~ two pigs, one bear and a coyote,  The story ended with them all playing Monopoly. 
We had fun!  Thank you very much for reading to us!!!!

written by Mrs. Johannesson's Grade 1&2 class

We went Dr. George Johnson Middle School this morning.  The grade seven students read us stories that they wrote.  It was awesome!  They also read us other stories.  I liked when I went to switch with a new girl and I introduced myself.  I liked it because I saw my brother.  I had fun with my partner.

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  1. Thank you Grade 1&2's for sharing this visit with us! Reading and writing are such wonderful gifts and what better way to share our love of reading and writing than with other students. SSES greatly values learning experiences with Dr. George Johnson middle year's students and we are always eager to embark on activities together. Thank you Dr. GJS for inviting us and for taking time to visit our school for other events this year. We look forward to spending more time together in the coming months!