Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the Kindergarten classes visit the Planetarium and Science Center!

Room 109's favorite parts!

I like the glass.  ~  Olex
I liked the climbing the chair thing.  ~  Ethan
I like the planetarium.  ~  Brendan
I like the glass room.  ~  Kody
I like the hot air balloon something.  ~  Nathan
 I like the glass room.  ~  Emmett
I like the glass room.  ~  Kaydea
 I like the glass room.  ~  Addison
 I like that upside down princess.
Yes I like the planetarium.  ~  Stella
I like the planetarium .  ~  Tori
I liked the pulley chairs.  ~  Rosalyn
I like the planetarium.  ~  Milan
I like the glass room.   ~  Ryan

Room 111's favorite parts!
I loved the electric race cars and the mirrors.  ~  Joseph
Getting first place with the race cars was my favorite.  ~ Tyler
When I got first place with my race car.  ~ Layla
Feeling the pins on my hands.  ~  Tasanee
Going in the mirror house was my favorite.  ~  Norma-Jane
The river, the puller swing, the race cars and winning the car race was my favorite.  ~  Henrik
I liked when I raced the car and it was fun building it.  (and the puller swing!)  ~ Jasmine
I liked the puller swing the best.  ~  Leela
I loved the thing where you went against the green wall and you pressed the button and it showed your shadow.  ~  Zoe
The electric race cars were my favorite.  ~  Fyn
I liked the thing that was a big bowl above us....we looked at all of those constellations!  ~  Hailee
Everything!!!  ~  Tyson
Racing race cars was great!  ~  Johannes
Being with my friends!  ~  Riley Skye
I loved driving the race car, the green wall where your shadow sticks to the wall was fun, too!  ~  Kelsey
When I was in the mirror house, I kept bumping into the walls.  ~  Brenan
The race track!!!  ~  Slater

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