Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grade 1 Field Trip to Boonstra Farms

The Grade 1s went to Boonstra Farms for our field trip this year.  It was a rainy, chilly day, but we had a fantastic time!!!  Thank you to our parent volunteers who joined us for our farm adventure!

My favorite part was when we were in the maze and we got to go on top of the maze.  There was a bridge and we got to crawl over the bridge and under it.  I can't wait to go there again. ~ Cade

I liked the black hole because it felt like I was sideways.  I can't wait to go back to the black hole again. ~ Geir

I liked giving the kittens milk. ~ Tyra

I liked going to the black hole. ~ Adam

I liked milking the cows because it was my first time. ~ Ryan

A black bunny and a white bunny liked me!  I can't wait to hold another bunny. ~ Brady M.

I liked feeding the horse grain because it was fun.  The horse's mouth tickled me! ~ Amber

The black bunny liked biting my jacket. ~ Jacob

I liked the black hole and I liked the geese.  The hay maze was fun. ~ Tucker

I liked petting the white goose. ~ Nate

I liked feeding the horse because it was sucking my pinky. ~ Autumn

I liked going on the big duck slide. ~ Klara

I liked the black hole and the hay ride because they were really fun.  The hay ride was really bumpy. The black hole made me feel like I was upside down. ~ Mackenzie

I liked feeding the horses. ~ Emma

I liked petting the dog. ~ Brady S.

I found out that it is not easy to jump! ~ Leif

I liked going in the black hole and I liked going on the hay ride.  I liked the petting goats and the ducks.  I thought it was very cool! ~ Rowan

I liked feeding the horse. ~ Matthew S.

I liked the black hole because it made me feel like I was going upside down.  I liked the hay maze because we got to climb on top of the hay and jump. ~ Jon

I liked petting the goats.  I liked petting Cookie and Cream. ~ Mitchell

I liked walking across the tightrope. ~ Owen

I liked pretending to ride the car. ~ Tyler

I liked the black hole and I thought it was freaky.  I thought it was going upside down. ~ Kaylen

I really liked eating in the barn. ~ Noah

I liked when Farmer Laurie sprayed milk from the cow, Bessie. ~ Hughe

I liked feeding the horses and petting the goats.  I would like to get a little lamb of my own. ~ Miss Lachuta

I thought it was really funny when the duck was putting on a show in the pool for us! ~ Mrs. Johannesson

I liked going for a walk in the woods and seeing the old treehouses. ~ Mrs. Johnson

I liked going in the black hole. ~ Matthew H.

I liked holding the kittens. ~ Haley

I enjoyed watching the kids milk the cows! ~ Mrs. Tarnowski

I liked the black hole and I liked feeding the horse.  I liked the truck, but the battery was dead. ~ Chrys

I liked going in the fox tower. ~ Matthew S.

When I went in the black hole, I had to hang onto the other side. ~ Kieran

I liked going in the black hole and the hay maze. ~ Lucas

I liked holding the big cat.  It licked my hands. ~ Koen

I liked holding the rabbits.  I can't wait to hold them again. ~ Logan

I liked going on top of the hay bales.  It felt like I was in Temple Run. ~ Rhianne

We had the BEST day!  It was a fun field trip!!!


  1. Room 130 Grade 2sJune 13, 2012 at 9:59 AM

    I think all of your comments are really really great! That looked like so much fun! We are going to do the same thing on the 21st! We can't wait to go to Boonstra Farms. The black hole looked really fun! I can't wait to go there!

    1. it suonded like fun - Owen De Meyer

  2. Avery logans sisterJune 14, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    it looks like fun logan said he had lots of fun i loved it when i was in grade 1

    1. Maggie Bradys sisterJune 18, 2012 at 2:42 PM

      It looks like fun Brady said it was fun! I remember when I went for a Birthday! I love the pictures! Thank you for sharing that blog!

  3. it was awesome bcose we had fun from brady m

  4. i liked the blak hol - Koen

  5. destiny tristan's sisterJune 19, 2012 at 3:21 PM

    it looks like you had a good time their. you are lucky because when i was in grade1 my class and i went to the snake place.Tristan was talking about it the hole week. i like the duck pics my mom has 4 ducks.I like all the pics.

  6. Wow looks super fun wish i could go there

  7. Joshuah had so much fun when he went into the black hole. His mom enjoyed the day as well.
    Diana and Joshuah

  8. What is the Black hole?? Everyone talks about feeling upside-down!

  9. it like you guy hade a lot of fun i would like to go there