Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Stick Bugs ~ Grade 2

written by Ms. Lachuta's Grade 2 class

We have new stick bugs for pets in our classroom!  We got the fish tank first.  We researched stick bugs before we got them.  They eat lettuce.  They need sticks to climb.  They sleep all day so they are nocturnal.  We collected sticks from our playground and swiss chard from our garden for their home.  Judy gave us the bugs.  They grew.  We have six stick bugs.  Some are small and some are big.  We have to change their food every couple of days.  We spray their food with water so they can get water.    


  1. What kind of bug is that a stick bug?

  2. We saw the stick bugs when we were buddy reading. They were awesome! It is cool that you can put them in your and they won't bite you. They are nice. We like them alot. I got to hold one! It felt cool and sticky. I like the stick bugs. My reading buddy gave me a magnifying glass to see the stick bug. I saw a baby stick bug. I was away and I hope to get to see them soon. I want to hold one when we come to visit! Thank you for sharing your stick bug experience with us!

  3. Madison ThordarsonOctober 3, 2012 at 2:13 PM

    The stick bugs look really cool !:)

  4. Did you know that stick bugs also like berries and some fruits to eat? Check the info out on the internet!