Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Olympic Opening Ceremonies at SSES

written by Tanner ~ Grade 3
On Friday, February 7th the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia officially opened!!!
At SSES, we had our own opening ceremonies.  Each class had a different country.  We dressed up as our country's colour and carried a flag!  We cheered loudly for our team!!!
It was very, very, VERY fun!
It would be great to be an athlete at the Olympics one day!!!
A special thank you to Mrs. Chapnick for organizing and creating such an inspiring afternoon!  The Olympics are a true celebration of unity, sportsmanship  and dreams coming true!


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  1. What a powerful experience this was for our school with all of the classes representing a different country. I felt such global unity as we cheered on every class/country during our parade of athletes. I especially loved when Mrs.Chapnick asked everyone to shake a friend's hand -a simple gesture-but such an important message for all of us as we learn to appreciate diversity and celebrate unity!