Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mr. Cuthbert visits Room 113

Today, Mr. Cuthbert visited our classroom.  He loves Science as much as we do!!!  He taught us three types of Science...Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  He showed us experiments that we can try at home or at school.  If we do Science at home, we need our parents' permission and first!  Mr. Cuthbert told us that Science always asks questions ~ we love to wonder about things and discover the world around us.  We can't wait to try some of these experiments next week during Explorations.

written by Jesse
Mr. Cuthbert showed us Science.  He made an egg fit into a bottle.  He did an explosion.    The explosion popped really high.  He showed us the jet balloon.  The balloon went on a string.  The balloon one was funny!  I really liked the balloon one, it was my favorite.  I really want to try the balloon one!!!

written by Amaris
Science is fun!  We learned Science with Mr. Cuthbert.  We did Science Experiments.  We did eggs, fire and explosion experiments.  At the beginning I made a paper clip float on the water.  It was easy peasy lemon squeezy!  I LOVE Science experiments!  Everyone in the world loves Science experiments.  Next week, we will do the experiments ourselves.  It will be really cool.

Taking videos of Mr. Cuthbert's experiment.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Cuthbert for visiting our school and for sharing your love of Science with our students. You shared a powerful message when you said that Science is about asking questions and being curious about the world around us. Mr. Cuthbert also mentioned that it is OK when Science experiments don't work out as we planned, because then we have to wonder and learn about the reasons that it didn't go as we had expected. I hope that some of you will decide to be a scientist when you grow up, and the cool thing is that all of you are scientists right now when you ask questions and explore nature and the world around us. Science rocks!!!