Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Exploring the Zoo ~ Grade 3&4

written by Aidan and Jackson
Our class went to the Zoo with the other grade 3&4 classes.  First we went to Asia and we saw a Red Panda.  The we saw the lions and tigers.  We saw camels, too.  The we walked to the Journey to Churchill and we saw some seals.  We saw polar bears and then we had lunch.  We saw Jim Slater and we got his autograph.  I got my Jets hat autographed.  We went in a helicopter.  We had fun!

written by Kerrigan
On Friday, April 3rd, we went to the Zoo in Winnipeg.  We went in groups.  My favourite part about the zoo was seeing all of the animals.  I saw 3 polar bears and 1 seal.  The field trip was fun and exciting!

written by Sawyer and Klara
We went to the zoo.  We got off the bus and got into groups.  We saw polar bears at the zoo and we also saw the seals.  My favourite part was seeing the ocelot.  My favourite part was seeing the polar bears.  We saw a lot of animals at the zoo and we had a great time!

written by Jacob and Matthew
Last week our class went to the zoo.  We were working our war to the polar bear exhibit.  We also met Jim Slater!!!!  My favourite part of the zoo was the rain forest. ~ Jacob.  My favourite part of the zoo was getting Jim Slater's autograph. ~ Matthew

written by Owen P.
The polar bear playground is the only playground at the zoo.  It's a playground about the polar bears.  You climb to the top!  Lots of people played tag!  I explored the playground!

written by Ben
We went to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  My favourite animal was the Red Panda.  They eat bugs and certain kinds of grass.  Two of the classes got to see a hockey player from the Winnipeg Jets team.  I also liked the Polar Playground.  And when we were heading back to the bus, I found a loose tile.  I thought "what is under it?"  Then we went back to school!

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  1. What an amazing video! Thank-you Lisa for creating this. We had an amazing time exploring the new polar bear exhibit. We got to experience the true size of Hudson as he swam overtop of us. I'm pretty sure he waved at us, too.